Thursday, March 4, 2010


Tuesday, March 2nd was Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Kyler was SO excited for the big day they had planned at school. The kids went to school in pj's, brought a pillow and stuffed animals and Dr. Seuss books. They had snacks and activities and made their own Cat in the Hat hat's. They also invited a few parents to come and read a Dr. Seuss book to them. I read the last book of the day. My selection: Oh the Thinks You Can Think! In the van on the way home, I told Asher about Kyler's favorite page in that book. "and think of Kitty O'Sullivan Krause, in her big balloon swimming pool over her house" Kyler said he would love to have that swimming pool. Here's the conversation that followed:

Asher "Kyler, what would you do if that big balloon swimming pool popped?!"

Kyler "I would jump down on the trampoline."

"And what if the trampoline is broken! Then what would you do?

"I would have you or dad or Colton catch me."

"And what if we weren't there......and the trampoline was broken. What would you do?!"

"Then I would yell really loud 'HELP' - and then mom would save me."

"And what if she wasn't there! What if the trampoline was broken and you were the last person on the planet!!!!"

"Then I would jump on the roof and find a safe way to climb down."

(Asher is very annoyed that Kyler keeps coming back with answers, but he continues to press his little brother...and a little more heated) "What if there's no trampoline, you're the last person on the planet, and the big balloon swimming pool breaks free from the house and floats out to the desert and then pops. And the only thing underneath you is the HARD, DRY GROUND!!!! WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!?!"

(Kyler - still not phased by his brothers questions or impatience - calmly answers, without hesitation) "Then I would try to fly."

(an exhausted Asher says) "And what if you can't fly?"

"Then....I would pray."

Mom's Note: I love that Kyler would think to pray. Of course it concerns me that it would only be attempted if flying didn't work out!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Colton will be 14 in a couple of weeks. He'll move up from a Deacon at church to a Teacher. He'll be able to attend stake dances, youth conferences and EFY (especially for youth) this summer. That's where I'm taking the whole EFY thing. It's 5 days of gospel based fun! He'll get to stay in a dorm, eat in their cafeterias, spend ALL his time with kids his age. They have tons of activites and lots and lots of fun. I went to Youth Conference at BYU-Provo when I was a teen and really want him to enjoy EFY every summer he can! I was sent the information from a friend (thanks, Deanna!) to preregister Colton. I went to do it and found I needed his social security number. I didn't happen to have that handy and made a mental note to finish this process. Well, let's guess how sharp my mental capabilities are these days. I had the mental note on the Jan. 21st slot when it needed to be on the Jan. 19th slot. I went to the computer on Jan. 20th WITH the social security number in hand only to find...
Totally MY FAULT....and I accept it. I waited until open registration started...Today, March 2nd, 2010 at 9:00 am. I was ready. I was armed with back up resources. (I could tell you about them....but then I'd have to kill you) It was finally my turn to sign up my kid and fork over the $$$$$..........NO SPACES AVAILABLE!!!!!!!! DENIED!!!!!!!!!! I have not given up all hope. People will inevitably drop out and a space may be opened up here or there. Also, Colton could choose to go to another location this year, if he wanted. Either way, I'm still very hopeful that Colton will be able to have an EFY experience this year.

But this got me thinking. How much I want this for hard Tony and I work to provide things that our kids want and need. (but no one seems to care too much about the needs around here!) No matter how well we're doing, there are going to be things our kids will look back on and feel they were denied. Don't you have your own memories of things denied, like.......oh, I don't know......just off the top of my head......perhaps a CANOPY BED you wanted with everything in your being! Ok, maybe that's not what was missing from your childhood, but the fact is EVERYONE has them. (that's my theory and I'm sticking to it!)

I guess all I can hope for is that my kids will remember all of the wonderful things they were able to do or have in their youth. For example......fruit-striped chickens! How many kids get to hold bright, multi-colored chickens in their childhood?! I know I didn't.....but Kyler has!
Here's something special from my boys....they were able to spell out I-C-U-P with french fries from FatBurger! Come on, not only were they able to spell it, but their mom even took a picture of it for them to remember. Fun times......oh, fun times!
They really were wanting a dog for a long time and thanks to Mita moving into Patti's home - their wish came true! Roscoe joined our family last summer.
Roscoe = Priceless Childhood Memories
How many parents let their kids eat Halloween candy until they........fall asleep at the table. These parents do! Aren't my kids lucky! Surely there can be no childhood memories of denial here.
Here's one of my favorites: the wax hand in the billiard table pocket! This hand was created from Asher's at a birthday party. It turns up everywhere in the house! Just when I think it's gone for good, it's recovered.....and in the strangest places. (unless you think this is normal.....and if you do, you probably call me mom)
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling better! My kids are having a great childhood! Why, there are so many memories will take them the whole of their adult life to recall all of it. Just in case they need some more good memories, I think I'll make them rice krispie treats today. You know, just the way my mom.................oh wait,