Monday, January 30, 2012


As much as I enjoy the carefree days of a school break, I really enjoy the routine of our school days.  Kyler is the first to be picked up every day.  On the way home we chat...and play "chiquita" (a game of spotting yellow cars and yelling out "chiquita")  At home, Kyler empties his lunchbox and puts it away.  Then a 10 minute break followed by homework.  The goal is to only have his reading left which is what he does in the van on the way to pick up his brothers.  Currently Kyler is reading The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Well, Kyler's 10 minute break is up and it's time to get to work with that boy....Later!!!


 Yesterday was a sick day for me.  Not fun.  Thankfully, I did get plenty of rest and my fever broke.  (I can't remember the last time I had a fever)  I'm also thankful that I seem to be doing much better today.  Even so, I plan on lounging in my pajamas, reading, napping and maybe watching a movie.  Moving on....the citrus is in full force here in the Valley of the Sun and I'm loving it!!!!  Last week we made the best Lemon-grapefruit-ade ever!!!!  So delicious.  I also wanted lemon meringue pie....really bad, but not the crust part, just the lemon meringue part.  So that's what I did.
 I adore my mini triffle bowls!
(and I was lucky enough to score 4 more of them when I was out thrifting on Saturday!)
 I was so proud of these!
 Too bad my kids didn't like them.....oh wait, that's GREAT...
Sharing is over-rated!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The School Science Fair.
We're happy to attend with our kids, but I would like more notice than a few hours!  Oh well.  Kyler and I drove to his school and met Tony there.  We found his class project and got a cute picture of  Ky.
 Here was the first photo.  
That's Kyler!
 This is the real reason he wanted to be at the Science Fair.
Kyler and KJ....his poor teacher!
 Now moving on to the boys FAVORITE after school event:
They begged asked if we could go to QT, today I felt generous.  Not that generous that I paid for it, the boys paid for their own goodies.  On the menu today: 1/2 price donuts (after 4pm....SCORE!) and soda for two of the boys.  Here's Colton's choice.
 And finally, Kyler.
Tonight we went for our first family trek walk.  We didn't go too far, but we'll be back on it tomorrow.  I'll explain more about the family trek we're doing soon.  Happy Tuesday!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Have you ever played Blockhead?  There are 20 shaped wooden pieces that you stack on top of each other.  The person who makes the creation fall is the blockhead.  We played it all the time as kids, but I didn't know anyone else that had ever heard of this game!  My mom has saved it all these years and all the grandkids love it.  Kyler loves it so much that when we came across a box at Goodwill....we had to buy it for him.  It was so worth it to see how excited he was when he opened it! 
 The box from my childhood game is a little different, but it was copywrited in 1971.  This vintage box (that's in much better shape than my mom's box) was copywrited in 1954.  Also, the game not only had all of it's pieces, but they were still pretty vibrant for being nearly 60 years old.  My guess is this game has been hiding in someone's house for years before it was donated.
 Tony and Kyler had lots of fun making the blocks look like the photo.  This game has probably been played with more at our home in the past few weeks than it ever was before!  Thank you make Kyler happy!
 Moving on to what Kyler does that makes me happy...the other night I realized the leftovers were piling up in the fridge.  A quick change to my Wednesday dinner plans and leftovers were on the menu.  I was busy that afternoon and Kyler took it upon himself to "make" dinner for me.   First, he set the "table".  I was busy with projects and our table was occupied, so Kyler set up the four tv trays and went to work.  I love how he put the spoon upside-down. 
 Next, he grabbed all the leftovers and put them on the kitchen island.  Voila, dinner is served!!!!  The gentleman even brought the grape drink to your table for you. What service!
 You'll be happy to know that the table is cleared and one more project is done here at the House of Steve.  A couple of weeks ago, Tony and I reorganized our garage.  Shelves were moved in their new places and lots of rearranging took place.  All the big moving was done, but now it's all the detail work for me.  Yesterday I finished the organizing of the two big shelves of dishes/kitchen items.  Everything's inventoried and ready to go.  So along with our fabulous dinner last night of Turkey Sloppy Joe's and Baked Sweet Potato Fries, we had a fabulous table top.  We used the red gingham dishes, paired with the blue gingham flatware and... 
 a red and blue serving set that was filled with lettuce, cucumber slices, blue cheese dressing and apple slices. Every bit of the fruit and veggies were eaten!
Can't wait to see what dishes I pull out for tonight!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 WORDS

(Christopher Creek May 2010 - nothing to do with the post, just liked the photo)
Last year my sister in law gave me the idea of choosing a word to focus on for the year instead of setting lofty New Year's resolutions.  I had just attended my Mita's funeral and I immediately knew what my 2011 word would be  - "DO".  My favorite saying for the year was Wake Up and Do Something More!  Since I enjoyed it so much last year, I decided that I would find a word for 2012 as well.  Finding 2012's word wasn't as quick, but I did find it - "ENOUGH".  As in I am enough, I have enough, My best is enough.  (As opposed to the popular phrases "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!"; "NO MORE, ENOUGH!" or just plain "ENOUGH!!!!!!")  I asked my family if they would like to participate and find words of their own.  
They did.  
Presenting the Stock's 2012 words:
Anthony: ACTION
Nicole: ENOUGH
Colton: DATE
(guess who will be sixteen soon!)
(in honor of his Uncle Austin serving in the Roseville CA Spanish-speaking Mission)

I can't wait to see what my family accomplishes with this focus in 2012!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I completely adore these boys.....
 but after 2 1/2 weeks of school break...
School days are happy days!!!!!
Sanity Restored.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Warning: There is a very long post to go with that very long title!
First, out with the old, in with the new.....CROCK POT!  (Actually it's a slow cooker, Crock Pot is a brand of slow cooker.  Yep, I just learned that...I know...fascinating!)  Back in August of 1989, Tony and I received multiple crock pots (yep, I know it's a slow cooker, but I'm still calling it a crock pot!)  We didn't receive a clock or a toaster, but crock problem!  We regifted a few (there is NOTHING wrong with that) and returned a few.  I was very particular about which one to keep.  I didn't want the huge ones, since it was only the two of us.  I chose this sleek little model. (which is bigger than you think)
 There were many features I liked with this one...and I also thought it was good looking!  Ahh, young, naive love.
 The base of the crock pot was a little griddle.  I imagined that I might one day make pancakes on it or fry an egg.  Of course you always have grand imaginations at the beginning of a relationship.  But in reality, we never made pancakes together....and we didn't hear the sizzle of one egg frying.
 That's ok because the lid could be used as a small casserole dish.  Again, perfect for a couple!  The feature that I grew to love the most was the dial.  It starts at 1 (low) and went up to 5 (high).  You could select any number 1-5.  I used that feature all the time.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my crock pot and had no desire to change, but it sadly started to give out and I couldn't trust it anymore.  You know what they say, once the trust is gone - it's all over!  It's not easy saying goodbye.  We've been together nearly 22 1/2 years!
 Enter the new crock pot.  You can time your cooking up to 20 hours and when it's done with the cooking, it turns to the keep warm setting.  It's also HUGE!  The hardest thing I'm getting used to (aside from it's size and I don't have a place to put it since it doesn't fit where my old crock pot was stored) is that it only has a Low and High setting.  What?!?  Where's my Low-Med, Med or Med-High?  
 So I couldn't always trust my old crock pot?  Was trust THAT important?  Did I move on too soon?  Did I throw away 22 1/2 years for NOTHING?!?
 Like it or not....this is my new crock pot.  I hope we bond soon!  I'm not sure what the statistics are with 2nd crock pots relationships.....maybe it's best I don't know. 

Moving on....
 Our Secret Santa gave us a pre-built gingerbread house one night and we were always too busy to decorate it.  Finally the time came and the boys were able to have at it.  They loved their gingerbread men (thanks, Shrek)
 Here's Asher's Gingy!
 Apparently there's no love lost between Kyler and his gingerbread man.
 Ash & Gingy
 Kyler getting ready to take another bite out of his friend!
Now on to last night....and what my family called Thanksgiving Jr.
We cooked up a turkey that Jacquelen gave us...THANKS, JACQUELEN!  I was busy taking down Christmas and reorganizing all my boxes of decorations all day.  The last thing I wanted was to take a long time for dinner.  I made it very easy on myself.....stove top, instant potatoes and crescent rolls.  Then I just washed and seasoned the turkey, threw it in a cooking bag and walked away.  It was a very easy dinner to get on the table.  I enjoyed every bit of it, but I did feel that it is worth every minute I spend on homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes and rolls! (i don't think my boys palates are as discerning)
 YUM!  I can't wait for leftovers!!!!
 And might be time to head back to school when your children are drawing chalk outlines all over the driveway!  
 Here's Kyler
 It did keep them occupied....but I have no idea what the neighbors think!
 And when your 15 year-old wears a 5 year-old's bear mask.....
I think it means....I'M BORED....GET ME BACK TO SCHOOL!  Well at least that's what I think.  Monday morning I will happily reluctantly say good bye to my little monkeys angels.  YAHOO!!!!!  Sniff, sniff.