Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 I'm loving that I've been able to photograph Colton's first two dates!  (Watch out, Colton....I might be hanging around with a camera on the third date....jk.....kind of)  Here's the play by play....(above) arriving in his Mamita's PT Cruiser.  Now he's at the door, with corsage in hand.
 Presenting Emily!
 Can you just imagine what's going through their minds right now?
Emily: "Oh, your parents...with a camera....and your she crying?"
Colton: "MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
 Emily's Corsage
Colton's Boutineer
 Almost done...
 The REAL Emily and Colton!
Oh...if only you knew Colton and Emily!  They've been friends for years and years.  They've made movies together.....LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of movies. Colton's Playhouse! They've hung out with their group of friends countless hours - watching movies, playing board/card games, bigger or better, 007, teasing younger siblings and talking.  They're both the first born (WATCH OUT!), very intelligent and funny.  I knew they would have a great night!
 LOVE THIS!!!!!!
 They match!
(apparel & smiles!)
 I adore this dress!
Emily, you looked GORGEOUS!!!!!
 Colton opening her door.
 Now's the time to let them go.....I guess.
Join me next time for.....
Colton's Third Date!!!!
(hee hee hee)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


No matter what's gone on this month, isn't it really just about the birthday party?!?  Kyler invited 25 guests to come to our home for Avenger Training Camp!  The best part of Kyler's party, he runs the show. 
 Here they are trying to throw the frisbee to knock off the 2 liter bottle from the stool.  
 Captain America training continued.
 I'm so glad Tony took the day off work and was able to help.
 After their training and running around the house, we came to Kyler's favorite part - the presents!
 He received Captain America's mask, sheild and nerf gun...
 ...Thor's hammer...
 ...and helmet...
 ...action figures, more weapons...
 ...neff hat, candy, gift cards...
 ...pokemon cards...
...and Hawkeye's bow!
(I'm so proud of him for paying his tithing on the money and gift cards he received!  He's growing up!)
 Next up, the cake!
 Kyler had invited one girl, Emily.  She was feeling out of place with all the boys and asked if her little sister could come over (they live across the street).  Pretty soon Aubrey (approx. 2 1/2 years old) was over and enjoying the puffed cheese balls and pretzels.  All was well until all of these crazy and loud boys sang "Happy Birthday" to Kyler.  They were SO LOUD that we didn't realize Aubrey was scared and crying until it was over!  She calmed down as soon as Tony picked her up.  She lives in a girl house.....the boy house is a lot to take in! (of course, I'm sure there are many things that happen in a girl house that would make my boy cry!)
8 is GREAT!!!!


 We've had a very busy month!  Colton finally got his official driver's license!  (yes, I photograph my kids everywhere....isn't that normal?!?)
 Waiting in line to take the driving test!
 Getting called up to pick up his license!
He's still in the super excited phase and will run ANY errand for me.  I'm loving it and can't wait for summer!
 I meant to post these photos awhile ago.  His first prom was his school prom in April.  They only had 40 kids attending and provided them all with gift bags. This was his place card that night.
 A bookmark and candy that was in the gift bag.
 Souvenir ticket and more candy.
I love the city scape bag matching the theme.  Also, the candle holder and little wand.
 They even decorated the cupcake box!
 I wish you could see the glittery star better.  The glitter tissue paper was from the bag too.  It was all well done!  Big thanks to the social committee!!!
 Finally, more doctors appointments for his skin. (it's normal to photograph this too.....right?!?)  It's starting to make a big difference.  Hope things are much, much better before school starts up again.
 It seems like yesterday he had to climb up to the table.  Where did my little boy go?!?
I can't wait to update things next month.  School will be out tomorrow and we're going to Utah to take Colton to EFY in Provo.  ROAD TRIP!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Asher's had a very busy month!  He enjoyed a field trip to Bisbee, AZ and he threw shot put and discus in Track & Field. (isn't he cute on Easter morning!)
The 7th & 8th graders went on this Bisbee trip.  They were busy all day, but still made time to shop. None of my kids are able to find their name on personalized items.  So when you can't find your name, and the "blank" ones are pick BRIAN!  That's my boy!  Great souvenir, Ash!
 Gotta love teenage boys....who never want their photo taken!  Someone brought cupcakes to this track meet to celebrate one of the coaches birthday.  Asher loved that it was a prop to insure hiding from the camera.
 I believe this next track meet was at Payne Jr. High. Go, Ash!
 It's quite a drive, but beautiful scenery.
 I'm setting a goal to have a new camera next year.  I really want to get some great close up photos.  For now, the point and shoot will have to do.  I love that he enjoyed track and is already training for next season!
 Tony and I are so proud of him! 
 With the track season ended, Asher's gone back to devoting more time to his favorite hobby - antagonizing his brother! (don't fool yourself, Kyler enjoys the hobby himself! They could both win Olympic gold for bugging, teasing & irritating their brother!)  They're now back to sharing a room.....HEAVEN HELP US!
Of course I didn't get a picture of the final product, but this is very close.  I teach nursery at church and one of the other workers, Bernice volunteered these dishcloths for our Mother's day craft.  She suggested we put their name and handprint on the dishtowel.  Cute idea, huh.  I gathered some foam stamps and red acrylic paint and came up with this.  They are really TOO ADORABLE!
 Then in the space on the left of the name, we put one of their handprints.  We did the craft at the beginning of our two hours together and they were dry and ready to go home with them when church was out.  Thanks for the great idea and the dishtowels, Bernice!
 And finally, as I was driving around running errands for our big Baptism/Eagle Court of Honor weekend, I drove past a Whataburger.  My grandpa ate at Whataburger for lunch EVERYDAY for decades!!!  When they saw his truck pull up, they would start to make his burger.  There's even a Whataburger across from the ball fields in Prescott, where grandpa used to Umpire for a church softball tournament every summer.  I can remember going with him some years and enjoying a hamburger with him. (or running and getting it for him while he worked!)  So as I drove past this restaurant, I had to stop and have lunch. I miss him so much!
Which brings me to my final thought: 
(even when they antagonize, fight, irritate, tease each other)  It's a good thing I love them so much!!!!