Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Have I mentioned that the House of Steve has a mascot......meet Jim. (I was really hoping for a different name, but if the house is named Steve then I think our eagle can be Jim)  We like to decorate him and normally it works out better than this.  He's wearing a superhero mask from girls camp and Krispy Kreme hat from the summer.  He looks like a weird hat wearing chicken.
 We're trying to start taking 15 minutes every night (they can take more time if they choose) to work on personal goals.  I just thought it would be a good way to help our kids see how a little bit of consistent effort can have big results.  Problem: the older boys are gone too much, but that will change after Thursday when the soccer season ends.  Kyler chose to work on drawing.  Tony tries to give him short lessons to learn technique.  That might work with another kid, but Kyler thinks he's an expert in EVERYTHING!  He doesn't really see why he should slow down and try to learn something. 
 Tony also chose drawing.  He's really happiest when he's sketching!
 I've decided to work on photography....mainly I need to read up on how to use my camera.
 I have a lot to learn, but my camera makes me happy!
With soccer.....and just life.......Asher is very tired in the afternoons.  I was a little shocked to see him under the pool table (which I think we're selling....any takers?)  How could I pass up the opportunity to capture that moment!
 And finally......why do kids have to grow up so fast!  I'm still trying to deal with the fact that Colton will be graduating in May.  These photos just make me realize how quick it's all been. 
Brianna and Colton at a Halloween Trunk or Treat &
Brianna and Colton at Mormon Prom 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Conversation in the van this afternoon.
Kyler: "Mom, you know how you get mad when I tell you about a school assignment the night before it's due?"
Mom: "Yes, Kyler.  So, what's due tomorrow?"
Kyler: "NOTHING, NOTHING!  I got an assignment that's due next Thursday.  Well, I got it yesterday, but you weren't in a good mood and I didn't want to tell you then." (Am I always mad or in a bad mood......I hope not!)
Mom: "Well, Kyler, I'm proud of you for telling me about your assignment."
Kyler: "I'm trying to change." (said in a matter-of-fact voice.....that seemed much older than his 9 years.)
I love this boy of mine! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This little piggy was ordered
This little piggy was picked up
This little piggy stayed the night in my bathtub
(he really did....wish I took a photo!)
This little piggy slept on ice and
This little piggy was roasted!
Tony was so excited for this Elders Quorum party and really....who wouldn't be!

 It was a lot of work, but everyone came together to make it work.  Alani Tufi roasted the pig!  Jayson and Shonda Hunt offered their home for the event.  They both worked so hard to make the evening special for everyone.  Shonda made all the hanging flowers, balloon towers, decorated the pillars, and placed flowers on her white lights.......and she's going to have baby #4 in a few weeks!  I felt like such a slacker...especially since she helped me with the centerpieces.  James Von Lutzow &  Jim Barnes helped with all the planning.  James also provided the punch and design for our invitation.
Finally, the decorations were all put up, tables and chairs set and the party was ready to begin.  We had such a great time and enjoyed lots of yummy food.   I will admit that it's easier to eat an animal that you didn't host in your bathtub......oh, but he was delicious!
 I love candles! 
Close ups of the table centerpieces.

  All the candlelight really added so much to the evening, especially the dozens of floating candles in the pool.  Shonda and I agreed that they looked like the floating lanterns in Tangled.  Hmmmmm.........
Maybe that should be our next activity!

Friday, October 11, 2013


Since we don't have football at our school, our homecoming game is played by our soccer team.  Both Colton and Asher are on the team this year.  We were so excited for this game and happy for all the school spirit everyone has.  The Knights take the field!
After the National Anthem....
 the game began!
Colton is #21 and Asher is #22
A first for the Knights....
 And a band......
well, a kazoo band!
It was hysterical and I wish I had a video of them.  Colton came home with an orange kazoo and let me know that he was an honorary member of the band. 
Heading to the locker room.  At the half, it was 1-1.
We even had a little half time show.
 Followed by the Homecoming Court and finally the announcement of our King and Queen!
 Back to the game.....I was so happy to see Colton's sign.  The students made signs for the starting line up.  Do they know Colton or what?!?
 The second half didn't go as well and we lost.  But it was a fun game and I still laugh every time I think of that kazoo band!   Next up, TAILGATING!  Three food trucks came and the kids enjoyed dinner, entertainment and chatting with friends.  Such a great night!
Saturday night was finally the Homecoming Dance.  Colton and Asher (can you believe he's in high school!) barely stopped for a photo on their way out the door.
 Blurry....but I'm glad I have a photo ;-)
We're so proud of you Colton and Asher!!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Labor Day and Fall Break both give my kids lots of FREE TIME.  So, what will they do with all this free time.....
Video Games.
Donuts......when they're lucky.
Lots of time to annoy play with the dogs.  They love making Cocolette jump.  (We've added a new name to her ever growing name after she was recently groomed as a proper poodle.  Her full name now is: Cocolette Amelie Genevieve Fifi Peney Stock)
Sometimes they can even get the dogs to play tug of war with their rope.
Lots of soccer practice....and games!  They have 3 games this week.
They travel to Show Low tomorrow and have home games on Thursday and Saturday.
I think soccer makes Kyler so sad....not because he's left out, but because he loses his babysitters.  If I have errands to run while the boys are gone, Kyler has to go with me.  Can you guess how much he likes to grocery shop?!?  Fun times for all!  I always think I'll get tons of projects done during the kids break from school.  Sadly, I generally don't accomplish much more than enjoying the lack of homework!  Well, this is one very little project that I will accomplish this week.  I've been saving bottles to make some "potion bottles" for our Halloween décor.  Hopefully, I'll have something to show by Friday.
Another great thing about the break.....I generally find a little more time to cook.  Last night I made Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup and Zuppa Toscana Soup......DELICIOUS!!!  Now I'm off to enjoy some more R & R!


I'm so excited for my cousin, Rachael!  She and Steve will be married on Thursday in the Salt Lake Temple.  Last month she came to Arizona and we were able to spoil her with a bridal shower.  Her colors are coral, grey and navy.  I loved her choices and couldn't wait to put things together.  Well......there is NO coral out there!  I decided to buy a huge foam core board and paint it three shades of coral for the backdrop.  (my mom ended up painting it while I gave the white shelves a fresh coat of paint)  Even at the scrapbook store I could only find one coral patterned paper.  It was enough to make a few banners and labels for the food table.  I even painted a few frames and filled them with a few engagement photos.
I love adding special touches.  This platter belonged to Rachael's grandma.
This teacup and saucer is one of our Mita's patterns.  I also added Mita's two little swans on the shelf below.  Even though they have both passed away, it was sweet to have a piece of them there.
It was a great afternoon filled with lots of friends, family and conversation.
I only wish I could be in Utah for the wedding!
I'm so happy I could help out with the shower and can't wait for the open house in December!
Congratulations, Steve and Rachael!!!