Monday, March 21, 2011


Just before we started Spring Break, Asher and Kyler had student-led conferences. Kyler was SO EXCITED about them and informed me that he only wanted his dad there.....well, he said I could be there sweet! (I love his FILTHY shirt!!!!! I've introduced him to napkins before.....he just doesn't get along with them!)
He welcomed us to his class and had us sit down at his desk. Then he opened the folder on his desk and would ask us to read a paper, then he would show off his mad 1st grade skills. Kyler is nothing if not BLUNT! I loved this paper. He listed what story he would read to us and why he chose it. He chose Mary Mack and this is what he wrote, "I did it because it was the quickest story." That's our Kyler!!!
He also showed off his math skills, addition, subtraction, measuring and singing the Gallon Man song. Very entertaining!
The last item was reading a letter that Colton wrote to us.
Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for raising me.
I am so happy.
I hope you have a girl.
Love, Kyler
I asked him about having a girl part of the letter and he said he wanted a little sister so he could tease her and trap her like his brothers did to him. I know....too much sweetness! I just love all the adventures with all our children! Even though most of it can not be prepared for! I really like to be prepared. I like to plan and make lists and know what's going to happen. Then I had children! Now I try to just prepare for the unexpected and find patience. Case in point: The other week after a dentist appointment, I took Asher and Kyler to Costco for lunch. After they ate their hotdogs, they asked for a churro - politely I might add! As they came back to the table, I asked Asher for a bite of his churro. He tore off a piece for me. Next, I asked Kyler for a bite of his churro.....Kyler didn't skip a beat and said in a LOUD, BOLD VOICE - "I DON'T KNOW YOU! YOU'RE A STRANGER. MY NAME IS BOB." He then scooted further from me and started up again, "I DON'T KNOW YOU. YOU'RE A STRANGER. 9-1-1 (as he "dialed" on his hand and pretended to call the police) HELP ME A STRANGER IS TRYING TO GET MY CHURRO!" When he first started EVERYONE turned to help the poor little child...they quickly saw he didn't need help....his mother did! An elderly couple behind us couldn't stop laughing.....neither could I! I was completely unprepared for this response! I am prepared for NOTHING to change anytime soon!

NATIONAL COLTON'S DAY (or as some people know it, St. Patrick's Day) first born had ANOTHER birthday! He's 15.....and dangerously close to driving and dating! Where has the time gone? He spent his birthday morning asking when he could open his gifts. I wanted to wait for Tony to come home so we were all together.....that didn't happen! He finally got to open his card and find his prepaid receipt for a video game (it will come out 3/22) and $omething el$e wa$ in hi$ card......I wonder what?!?
I think one of the best things about your birthday is the free food at Krispie Kreme, Joe's BBQ, Joe's Farm Grill and Liberty Market! Colton enjoyed (and even shared) all the yummy meals! I love this photo of him in a tree at Joe's Farm Grill (where he ordered pepperoni pizza and a chocolate shake)
7pm - Colton's Party!
16 teens showed up
They played Just Dance on the Wii, Ping Pong, and 007.
They talked and ate.
We made cotton candy!
His friends SPOILED him!!!!!!
I LOVE this gift!
10 cans of Dr. Pepper, each can wrapped with 2 $1 bills and wrapped in red tulle!
This card went very well with their movie choice...
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures!!!
Don't you love this card....I DO!!!! It went with the Dr. Pepper gift.
Colton didn't want a Costco cake.....but he did want raspberry zingers.....
Voila! The Raspberry Zinger cake!
I think it was a very successful birthday and party!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I was so proud when Kyler was released from speech therapy this past December. He has worked hard since he was nearly 3 to master speech. The only drawback to his success is that he stopped saying the cutest words/phrases! No more answering the telephone..."HeWWo!" No more "I'm KyWer....I can't say my mame very good" Fortunately he has left a couple of words to make me smile. (and I don't let anybody correct him!) The first is the fact that he lives in Arizonia! I love Arizonia....doesn't it sound like a place that would be in a fairy tale? I think it does! I want to write a story of my Prince Kyler who's castle is in Arizonia. The other is about his enemies......his MARCH-ENEMIES! (again, I threaten Colton and Asher to NOT correct him!) He has plenty of march-enemies.....mainly just girls at school!!! Speaking of school, he stopped writing Kyler on his school papers. He's not even writing Ky. He simply writes....Master Chief. The picture above was taken at breakfast this morning. Notice the medal around his neck, he received it yesterday for his participation in running club this year. Apparently you're not fully dressed for breakfast without a medal around your neck. (or without your raquetball raquet on the table!)
Our family goal is still going strong. We are at 100% of family prayer/breakfast and scriptures. Normally I make breakfast, this morning was the second morning in a row of cocoa pebbles.....NO COMPLAINTS! Today I added smoothies to the menu.....Colton complained, Asher and Kyler did not - as evidenced by the empty glass! What incentive is there to cook?!? No matter.....I challenge myself to making buttermilk pancakes tomorrow! Hopefully all the princes in the land of Arizonia will be happy!