Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My funny Valentine
 Sweet comic Valentine
 You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
 Yet your my favorite work of art
But don't change a hair for me
 Not if you care for me
 Stay little Valentine stay
 Each day is Valentine's day
Love to all my Valentines!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Don't you love this boy!  We parked next to this palo verde at the allergist the other day and Kyler thought it was perfect to throw the football through.  Needless to say, it was quite comical.  He did finally succeed and even let me take his photo.  Moving on.....
 I love to cook!  Unfortunately some nights are so hectic and I don't have the time to cook like I want.  While I appreciate easy dinner nights I really like to try a new recipe.  Most of the time the new recipe is mainly suited to my tastes, but occasionally I try one that I think would be a hit with the boys.  This french onion soup was made for me.  I even made it for lunch, complete with a toasted slice of french bread and cheese melted on top in the broiler.  It was delicious!  (and enjoyed without boys complaining about it or asking what else they could eat)
 This next recipe was for the boys.  I've never attempted to make a stuffed braid before.  Most of the recipes I saw were made with crescent roll dough.  That was way too expensive for me!  I made bread dough and put this Chicken & Broccoli Cheese Bread Braid together.  HEAVEN!!!!!  And what did the boys think.....GROSS!  Colton, who normally has a decent palate, explained that he thought meals with chicken and bread didn't taste good to him at all.  Well, who can blame him?  I mean, with disgusting and exotic ingredients like BREAD and CHICKEN who could expect him to enjoy it!!!
 Here's another view of the monstrosity!
Quelle horreur!!!!!!
Look at that broccoli, cream cheese, chicken and mozzarella/provolone cheese.  DIS.GUST.ING!
 Here's what the teenagers dined on.  Kyler chose cold cereal.
 Since I had lots of bread dough left I decided to make cinnamon rolls.  OH MAMA they were good!  Of course the boys found it to be rude not to try these.  I mean I had slaved away on them.  What considerate boys I have!
 This was the best....let me rephrase this....THE BEST icing ever!!!!!  Instead of mixing my powdered sugar and vanilla with milk, I used heavy cream.  It was like ice cream flavored icing.  Again....HEAVEN!!!!!!!  Look at it melted in all the crevices. 
 This batch got a little crazy in the oven.  The center of the rolls baked straight up.
After dinner, one of my sons placed a laundry basket in front of me letting me know what time he would like his laundry ready the next morning.  I clearly let him know that if he wanted his clothes clean, he could clean them himself.  I mean, really....what if the quality of my laundry skills equaled the quality of my cooking skills in his eyes.  I wouldn't want to upset him further in one night.  As a bonus though, he seems ready for college -  eating ramen noodles and doing his own laundry.  
To this son I say "You're Welcome!" 
PROLOGUE:  After enduring the boys dinner manners on Groundhog's Day, my husband decided not to subject me to the 3 urchins tonight.  He's throwing slop at the kids and we're going out to dine.  And to my sons I say "Thank You!"