Tuesday, December 2, 2014

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 9

Week 9, our final week, is Virtue, value color Gold.  Rapunzel from Tangled is the last princess.

(Healing Song)
I will not remove
My Virtue from me
Fol-low the Savior
When He says "Learn of Me"
(holding the scriptures)
Pray and read this book
Give service daily
Our Savior invites
To all "Come Follow Me"
"Come Follow Me"

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 8

Week 8 was Integrity, value color is purple.  Mulan was the princess I chose for this value.

Who is this girl I see
Brimming with Integrity
I am standing as a witness
of the Lord
I'll keep my standards high
Show the world, won't be shy
Then my countenance will show
Who I am inside
And your countenance will show
Who you are inside

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 7

Week 7 is Good Works, value color is yellow.  I chose Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, but didn't choose a song that Belle actually sang.  So now I present to you.....Lumiere!

(Be Our Guest)
Ma Chere Mademoiselle
It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure
That I welcome you today
And now I invite you to relax,
pull up a chair
as I proudly present,
Your Good Works Song!
It's our quest!  It's our quest!
To put service to the test
It's our privilege to help other
We all know that we'll be blessed
Just start small and observe
Why, we've all been asked to serve
Serve your family, Help your Mother
Watch your sister, Watch your brother
We can clean, We can cook
Maybe read someone a book
Make a dinner then deliver it by 6!
Go on, pick up some groceries
Those you serve you'll appease
It's our Quest, It's our Quest! It's our Quest!
(Big Finish!)
Chore by Chore
One by One
Till you service is all done
Then you'll plop into your bed and fall asleep
Next day we'll start it again
'Cause we're strong Young Women
It's our Quest!
Don't Be Stressed!
Do Your Best!
And You'll Be Blessed!!!!!

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 6

Week 6 is Choice & Accountability, value color is orange.  I chose Pocahontas as this week's princess.

(Colors of the Wind)
I know you think you don't have any freedom
You live at home and follow mom & dad
But if you look around I know you'll see that
You are free to make your choices, good or bad
Understand that choices have accountability
It's up to you, be wise for goodness sake!
Everyday take opportunities to choose "Good"
Let's be happy with the choices that we make
Let's be happy with the choices that we make
You can make good choices now
To the Father you can vow
And be happy with the choices that you make

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 5

Week 5 is Knowledge, value color is green.  I chose Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, as the princess and this is my FAVORITE song!!!

(Part of Your World)
(showing off my cell phone and iPad)
Look at this stuff, Isn't it neat?
(showing my pinterest board on the iPad)
Wouldn't you think
My collection's complete?
Wouldn't you think I'm the girl
The girl who has everything
Look at this bag, Treasures untold
How many wonders, Can one purse hold?
Looking around here you think
Sure, she's got everything!
I've got lipsticks and earrings aplenty
I've got polish and tissues galore
You want bobby pins girls, I've got 20!
But who cares - No big deal - I want more
I wanna be where the people learn
Gaining knowledge, gain knowledge and answers
Turning some pages in.....
What's that word again?
Checking your pins, doesn't take you that far
Minds are required to ponder and think
You can't just get by on your....
What's that word?
....Good Looks!
Let's strive to learn
Let's strive for more
You'll be amazed what God has in store
It causes no pain
Stuffin' your brain
Full of Knowledge
What would you give
If you could learn about the Savior?
(hold up your scriptures)
What would it take
To spend a day reading this book?
Learn of His plan and understand
The King wants the best for His daughters
Bright Young Women, sick of sinnin'
Ready to grow!
And ready to know,
What your leaders know
Ask 'em your questions
They'll tell you answers
What's a testimony?
And why does it.....
What's that word?
Now it's my turn
I want to learn
All about God's eternal big plan
Listen to me
You all can be
Full of Knowledge!!!

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 4

Week 4 is Individual Worth, value color is red.  The princess I chose is Snow White.

(Whistle While You Work)
The worth of souls is great (whistling)
Say no to sin
Find Christ within
And see your own value
When people are not nice (whistling)
Give them your best
Forget the rest
And share what makes you, you!
When friends are feeling blue
You know just what to do
Forget yourself and try to be
The daughter Heavenly Father sees
These compliments - don't fight (whistling)
You are so smart
Take this to heart
You're precious in His sight!
(for the record I can't whistle....I just sang la-la-la's)

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 3

Week 3 is all about Divine Nature, value color is Blue.  I chose Jasmine, from Aladdin, for the princess.

(A Whole New World)
We all came to this world
To grow in righteous endeavors
Strive to copy our Savior
and his Divine Qualities
We try to emulate Christ
Follow footstep by footstep
Virtue, Knowledge, Faith, Temperance
Don't forget the Charity
Divine Nature
So many traits I can pursue
And when I set my goals, I'm in control
To work on finishing all 8 values
Divine Nature
Like our Savior
Oh can't you see
You're meant to be
& Progressing
Along with me

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 2

Week 2 started into the Young Women Values.  Our first value is FAITH, value color is white.  I chose Giselle from Enchanted.

(Happy Little Working Song)
All right everyone, time to learn of Faith
Come my little friends
As we all sing a happy little faith filled song
May my little voice be clear and strong
Come let's talk of Faith now
How knowing and believing
Is something we're all achieving
As we kneel to pray...
It's a happy faith filled song
Faith, small like a little seed
To tend it is a need
As Faith is growing
Show the Lord that we'll work hard
Serving with a grateful heart to Him is showing
Hey, We're growing!
You can do a lot when you've got
All the tools you need for deep study
Work alone or find a close buddy
We can help each other
Grow Faith in our Savior
So friends show your good behavior
We're a happy Islands Ward
So sing along
If you cannot sing then hum along
As I finish with our happy faith filled song
Ah....wasn't this fun?!

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 1

Week 1 was all about introducing our theme: Come Unto Christ & Be a Light to the World!  Elsa, from Frozen, was chosen as the first princess.  Here's her introduction song:

(Let It Go)
We're all born with the Light of Christ
It resides in you and me
It's a blessing from our Father
Colton's my missionary (sung like: mish - a - nary)
(you know I had to get Colton in there somehow!)
This world is swirling with confusion all around
You can share you light
Everywhere in town
Just let it out
Just let them see
Be the pure girl, God wants you to be
Come Unto Christ
And let them know
Let your light show
Let it Glow
Let it Glow
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it Glow
Let it Glow
Share your light forever more
Choose The Right
and you'll find your way
So Come Unto Christ
Your projects are due in 66 days!



That was our theme for this years YWIE.  Remember all the fun I had last years as we walked down the Yellow Brick Road.  This year was full of songs to get the girls excited and I chose Disney Princesses to help me out! We started with a princess that could properly sing an introduction song about our theme and then eight more princesses to sing about each of the Young Women Values, which are Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity and Virtue. 
(The songs will link up as soon as they are posted)
(My Favorite!!!)
(technically Lumiere)
The room was decorated with lots of lamps, it turned out really nice.  We served apple slices with caramel sauce and toppings.  We also had some yummy, gooey popcorn!

I'm so proud of all of our talented and hard-working girls!  Can't wait to see what we do next year!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


(My First Boy)
For probably six months I've felt almost an urgency that I was supposed to get "out there" more.  That I should expand who I'm around and what I'm doing.  Then in early June they talked about the Pathway program in church, to go back to school through BYU-I.  It sounded like a perfect fit (and a great price) I decided to apply.  After I was signed up, I still felt I should do more.  I made another decision that I needed to up my volunteer work at the schools.  A week before school started, I took Asher to Bookstore Days and signed up to help with many activities over the school year.  Then I saw a table where the Lunch Ladies were asking for help cashiering.  Well, I knew I could cashier and decided I would be bold and volunteer for 2 days a week.  That's when they informed me it was a paying job....every school day.  They wrote my name down, even though I knew I wasn't going to apply.  I didn't want a job!!!!  I enjoy my freedom.  I'm still raising two kids.  I'm still busy....without a job!
(And then there were TWO!)

I felt secure KNOWING what I'm supposed to do.....and then the Lord gently tells me what I NEED to do.  As soon as I walked away from that table, I knew I was supposed to apply for the job.  I quickly thought of many positive things that would come from working and stepped out of my comfort zone.  Before I knew it, I was working as a Lunch Lady.  I'm happy to report that I absolutely love my job.  I love the ladies I work with.  I love the kids and the whole atmosphere of the school.  I still have a little bit of time before school to get some things done (and most importantly have a little bit of peace and quiet after the boys and Tony have left for school and work).  I also have an hour and a half after work before I pick up Kyler.  This week my classes started.  I'm so thankful to be in this program.  I needed to have a great support system to start college again and this is it.  As happy as I am with the changes, it's also overwhelming.  (Sometimes I think......a couple months ago I was a happy stay-at-home-mom that could lunch with the ladies, what have I done!)  Add to this the fact that I'm still trying to figure out our new normal with 4 of us in the house.  Overwhelming and BUSY!!!
(Three and Complete!)
I'm thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that listens to my prayers and guides my through the Holy Ghost. I'm thankful for a supportive husband and supportive kids. (even though Kyler did ask me "Why do you need to go to college?  You're just a housewife!"  First, where did he get this from?!? Second, the reprograming of Kyler starts NOW!)  I'm thankful that I could spend the last 18 years at home with my kids.  It's been so worth it and I wouldn't have traded those years for anything!

 (This is what I looked like the last time I was in college)
Here's to my new adventures!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's that time again!  Back to School for my boys.  Well, two of my boys.  I decided to print out these cute signs just before snapping some photos.  As you can imagine, they didn't appreciate them. 
(can you tell by the look on Kyler's face?!?)
 Asher was not amused at all.  He reluctantly posed for the photo.
 Then turned for his second shot!  Love him!!!
My Sophomore and 5th grader.
 At 5 feet tall, Kyler's in the 97 percentile for height.  However, standing next to your 6'4" brother makes you feel pretty small.
 The best part of the morning, Colton wanted to take his brothers to school.  Tony and I were happy to let him!
After the boys left, I cleaned the kitchen, took my nephew out to practice driving, mailed out some packages and made it to lunch with my friends.  Just after my food arrived, I received a call from the front office at Asher's school.  They said he tried to do something he shouldn't and all I could think was WHY IS HE GETTING IN TROUBLE ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!  Then I heard her say that he cut the back of his head, she stopped the bleeding and monitored him for 30 minutes.  I had just heard she was calling from the front office, not that she was the nurse in the front office.  Thankfully, he was ok and didn't need to go to the doctor's.  It would be beneficial if he and his friends would mature a little...but I'm not holding my breath ;-) 
Days of School: 1
Days of School without injury: 0
Here's to a great school year!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014


With school starting next Monday.......NEXT MONDAY!!!!.....I thought I should finish catching up on the blog.  What did I do for my birthday this year......go camping.  woo hoo.  yipee.  I do like to be with my family and friends, but camping is not my favorite.  (unless we are staying at a fabulous cabin)  This was also my last weekend with my family before going to Alaska for nearly 3 weeks. 
 But camping does make my boys happy....and I was very interested in that.  Thanks to the Baxter's for some fun!
 And really...I might just follow Olivia anywhere.  I love this girl!!!
 Bryce was able to climb much higher than the younger boys.
 This is why Colton went camping - Time with friends!
 My grown up boy in his Camp Kaiju shirt.
 Asher's pretty good at hiding from the camera.  This was a very forced photo shoot and he DID NOT cooperate.  Finally, I was able to snap one decent photo.
It's still weird to think that Colton won't be around for these family outings.  He will be back in 2 years......for only a week and then off to BYU.  For now, we'll enjoy the next 5 weeks until we drive Colton to Utah.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


When our summer officially started, I talked with the kids about projects and goals.  Kyler was so excited and asked if we could have the kids cook again.  3 meals + 3 kids = much less cooking for me!  Colton and Asher weren't happy with Kyler's suggestion or enthusiasm.  Thankfully, Ky didn't care what they had to threaten say.  Since it was Kyler's suggestion, he started things off with breakfast the next morning. Crunch Berries and Bacon for all!
 Asher had lunch.  Mac & Cheese and Smoothies
 Thanks for bringing the boys back to the kitchen, Kyler!
 Colton should have made dinner....but he has a way of disappearing lately.  I'm thinking I may get a letter from this boy around September/October wishing he would have spent more time in the kitchen with me.
 The best part of this plan is the lack of complaining I get about food.
 Meals we've recently enjoyed:
Texas Hash
(well, Tony and I didn't enjoy it because they ate it before we could have any)
Hot Dogs
(our favorite sandwich!)
Breakfast Burritos
and lots of cereal!
(the boys favorite stand-by)
 This boy gets to enjoy free Bahama Bucks and movie theatre popcorn.  Oh, the joys of being 18 and "free"!
 Asher, there are more important things than just being really, really good-looking! (Zoolander!)
 Yesterdays breakfast
Red, White & Blue French Toast.
Red - Cranberry Bread
White - Whipped Cream
Blue - Blueberries
 So Good!
Now if we could only get them doing more dishes!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Colton is always so completely embarrassed by me taking photos.  So I decided to annoy him as well and start taking them as he and Jackson left our home to pick up their dates!
 My mom and I got to Rachel's house before they did....let the picture taking resume!
 What can make this walk to her door more nerve wracking?  A mom taking your photo!  You're welcome, Colton.
 He waited at the door a long time before anyone answered.  Finally, her dad invited him in.  When he noticed me snapping photos, he turned Colton around and posed - YES!!!!!  We love the Johnston's!
 I had no words.  She was beautiful! (well...that, and her dressed appeared white as she first walked out and it looked too much like a wedding and it kind of freaked me out for a few seconds!!!!  Her dress was a very pale pink)
 I had to include the hug from her dad and her mom putting Colton's boutineer on.
 I love getting to know all of the girls in Young Women's.
Last photo!
 I mean the last photo of them posing.  Now.....the last photo!
Get ready, Asher.  With Colton leaving next month, I'll have so much more time to photograph you and your social life!