Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Santa was here!
He even wrote a message to Kyler with the glow sticks..
Thanks Kyler
 Love Santa
 He also drank most of the milk Kyler left him....
 and most of the cookies!
(Kyler has a white air head in his mouth - Santa brought him that in his stocking)
After church, the boys opened their three gifts each and their stockings and then went to Mamita's garage to find a gift to share.  A basketball hoop!
 Kyler even got a jr. basketball....I think it might bounce better if he took it out of the package!
This dish is becoming a Christmas Day Tradition.  Homemade Chicken Teriyaki!!!!!  Delish!
 This is how the boys spent Christmas afternoon and games.
 This isn't the picture I had in mind when I bought their pajamas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Busy, Busy, Busy would describe our household during the 23rd and 24th Days of Christmas.  We've been preparing for the 60 relatives that will grace our home on Christmas Eve.  The kids were so excited (so were the parents!) for our 12th and final day of Secret Santa on the 23rd.  We were at a White Elephant game with cousins and came home to 12 Drummers Drumming and Drumsticks! I was hoping to find out who our Secret Santa was...but no such luck.  The past 12 days with our Secret Santa spoiling us was so much fun.  
 We pushed forward with final preparations for our Christmas Eve Extravaganza 2011! and had the Best Christmas Eve ever!!!!  All 60 guests arrived and it was spectacular!  Lots of food & treats, kids & laughter, and my favorite - adult conversation.  We had two baby Jesus's this year and Emily put two nativities side by side for our program.  I don't know who's more excited for the play - the kids or the adults.  Great job to all the great-grandkids!  After our home cleared of nearly all our guests, we had a knock at the door.  Who could it be?!?  ANOTHER SECRET SANTA!!!  They dropped a  gift at our door - a huge container of cookies & creme ice cream, a gift card and a card from...
Whoever you are.....THANK YOU!  I don't know why you chose our family to spoil rotten, but we're glad you did.  It meant so much that you thought of us.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I just wanted to share Kyler's preparations for Santa.  He wrote two notes to put on the fridge for Santa.  The first one reads...
 We gave you the milk not that you deserved but the one you needed. The cookies are on the table.  From: Kyler To: Santa  (it's from some Batman thing) and the second note says...
From: Kyler 
To: Santa
Your milk is in the fridge.
Don't open the freezer!
Then he took all the glow sticks he could find (thanks Jacquelen!!!) and wrote this message on the family room floor.
I can't wait to see what Santa does as a response!
I was inspired by Kyler's glowing message and took a couple photos of decorations that glow. 

Friday, December 23, 2011


We're enjoying such a wonderful Christmas season over here!  It's been full of family, friends and fun!!!!  The boys have been so busy with school and once they finished Wednesday we've been going full blast it's hard to stop and blog.  We've had a white elephant party, Bounce U with cousins, just hangin' out, lunch to Blue Adobe and we visited the court house, and that's just the last 48 hours!  My cousin and her husband were blessed to finalize the adoption of their three little kiddos on Thursday.  It was so sweet and I really appreciated being there and thinking of our own special adoption day seven days ago.  
The 11th Day of Christmas brought us hot cocoa packets with candy canes!
 Don't worry, I didn't forget about the 10th Day of Secret Santa....we got this cool shaped puzzle.  I'm going to set up my 4 foot table to work on it after Christmas.
I'll post soon about the 23rd Day of Christmas and our final day of Secret Santa.  We're busy with preparations for our big Christmas Eve family celebration.  We our hosting 60 people this year.....that's right.....SIXTY!!!!!  28 Kids and 32 Adults.
Merry 21st & 22nd Days of Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I'm thankful that they'll be over today!!!
I think I'm more nervous for my kids then I ever was for myself.  By 12:30 today, Colton and Asher will be on Christmas Break and Kyler will join us by 2:40.  I'll be so happy to be done with textbooks, homework and studying for a little bit...not to mention the driving! Well, there will be a lot of driving still....Colton has his driver's permit and volunteers to drive ALL THE TIME!  I'm sure he'll get many opportunities during the next couple of weeks.  The next thing I want to share is....
We have been so spoiled this holiday season!  We have a great Secret Santa and everyone loves the anticipation of our nightly gift. I also had a visit from our Relief Society Presidency.  They brought this beautiful basket!  Thank you for making my night, ladies!
 It was full of apples, oranges and cuties with some lemon "muddy buddys" and M&M's. I don't know what I could have done to deserve such a gift, THANK YOU!
 And what did our Secret Santa think of for 9 Ladies Dancing.....and iTunes gift card and big sparklers!!!!
Merry 20th Day of Christmas!!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I had a little fun in the kitchen today!  First up was this Peppermint Bark Rice Krispie Treats.  They were really delicious and I think I'll need to pick up some more peppermint marshmallows for a second batch.  You can find this recipe here.
 Next, some flavored popcorns!
This one is BerryBlue, but it turned out green.
 Here's Strawberry, I think it tastes like crunch berry cereal.
 And finally, Vanilla!  This one is my favorite....and Kyler's.  You have to fight him for a piece!
 And last, but certainly not least....Secret Santa.  8 Maids-a-Milking brought us Blue Bell ice cream and Milk Duds!!!!  I see ice cream sundaes in our future.  Thanks, Secret Santa!!!!
Hope your 19th Day of Christmas was wonderful!!!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


The 17th Day of Christmas was busy (which day isn't busy?!?).  We started with a Ward Christmas Party, then helped a woman move and Tony and I were back to a little elf duty. Our Secret Santas came with a gift for six geese a laying.....6 eggs (from a hen, not a goose) and this book.  So true!
 Sometimes I feel just like this!!!
 Today was the 18th Day of Christmas (and our 7th Day of Secret Santa).  We had an enjoyable time at church: a missionary farewell and my farewell with several of my nursery kids.  I can't believe they'll be in Sunbeams on the 1st.  I think I'll like the smaller nursery, but I'm really going to miss those 3 year olds!  The kids were really anticipating Secret Santa tonight...especially since it was a quiet afternoon.  What could it be?!?
 A Pre-built Gingerbread House Kit!!!!!
Secret Santa....YOU ROCK!!!!!
This was on my list of things to do with the kids this year.  We're going to decorate this for FHE tomorrow night and CHECK! We're marking this off the list!!!
 Even Roscoe's excited about this!
Merry 17th & 18th Days of Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Every year when we go to see the Temple Lights, I always check out the nativity display in the visitor center.  Every year it's crowded....way crowded....and I'm trying to look and enjoy it, but my boys are dragging their feet complaining that they want to go.  A few days ago I had a brilliant idea....go to the nativity display during the day when they're at school.  (seriously....why did it take so long to figure that one out!)  That's just what I did on Friday.  It was so peaceful...and quick!  I think I might have to check it out again on Monday, just because I can.  This one is from Italy and was displayed on a huge table with a beautiful backdrop in place.
 I love seeing all the different mediums, like this leather one.
 This one is too cute with all the kids performing the nativity.  I think I need to make one like this of all the grandkids. 
 Friday was also the night of the Winter Dance for Colton and Asher.  Neither of these teenagers would let me take their photo earlier, so I snapped away in the car on the way there!
I think they looked great!  Mamita spoiled them with the new shirts for the dance.  It was the first time I got them out clothes shopping without a complaint.  They must be growing up!  Now onto Secret Santa.....5 GOLDEN RINGS meant a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts!  We are all loving this Secret Santa...THANK YOU!!!!!
File:Krispy Kreme glazed donuts 2.JPG
Random note:  Tony and I checked out a Goodwill (it's a 50% off day after all) and I found this craft.  An advent for your dog!!!!  I think Roscoe needs this next year.  The only problem....he doesn't like dog biscuits!!!  If we filled it with human food, he'd be thrilled.  We'll see.
Merry 16th Day!

Friday, December 16, 2011


On the 15th day I ventured to.......THE MALL!  Shocking for me since I rarely go shopping.  Mall shopping is even rarer still, but I had a store to visit and it was here.  I had my shopping buddy with me, Mister Kyler Man....doesn't he look happy?!?  As we were leaving the mall he said he couldn't wait until he was rich and he could live the food court.  Go, Kyler!
 After our 3rd Day of Secret Santa Kyler asked me what the song said for the 4th day.  I'm sure he wanted to venture a guess on what the next's day gift would be.  Well, I told him 4 calling birds and then said "Calling birds.....I think they're going to give us a cell phone!!!!!!"  (big joke since we don't have a cell phone and no one can understand this concept)  Kyler said...."they'll give us FOUR!  I call one!!!"  I quickly let him know I was kidding and we would not be receiving cell phones as a Secret Santa gift.  Evening came and so did the ring of the doorbell.  What could it be?!?
 A gorgeous bird calendar!
(and claimed it for my scrap room)
 Here's a quick look at the years pictures.
 Tony and I put together our first snowman today.  It will be Tony's holiday decoration for his desk.
We call it Desert Snowman!
Do you see his hat, carrot nose, coal eyes and buttons floating around? (Well, we think we're funny!)

Thursday, December 15, 2011


First, Tony and I finally took our elf responsibilities seriously yesterday.  Santa would be proud of the progress that was made in one short day!  To top it all off, the girls at the ward were offering free babysitting last night.  SCORE!  We happily dropped Kyler off for two hours, dropped Colton and Asher at Scouts and then...FREEDOM!  Kyler was happy to be at the church, just a little bit worried that he'd miss our Secret Santa.  I love all the yummy things our Secret Santa has brought to us - like the third day - three loaves of french bread!  Asher enjoyed cocoa and bread last night before bed.
Mita would have been proud!
Thank you Secret Santa!
and in the words of Kyler....
Happy Friday Eve!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The 12th day was all about friends!  We spent our afternoon and part of our evening enjoying the company of friends.  After we were home for a little bit the doorbell rang.  This is what we found.  We have no idea who our Secret Santa is....isn't this fun!
 The 13th day was full of anticipation.....would our Secret Santa appear again?!?  The doorbell rang, the dog went crazy and we found a wrapped gift at the door.  Turtles for two turtle doves......YUM!
Thanks Secret Santa!!!!!