Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Here's a little peak at what I've found this morning,
Toy on the baskets...
Poster on the the front room?!?

Handcuffs......Asher's favorite toy right now
Doesn't everyone have some nutella (sadly, without a spoon!) and a play handgun at their bedside....apparently I do. 
And last but certainly not least.....the fish
I think it has a name.....
I remember now - Samurai.
Kyler won this fish at our Ward Trunk-or-Treat last year.  I thought and still think it was a cruel joke.  I was not happy about taking 4....YES, FOUR! home that evening.  I refused to acknowledge them.  After all they were cheap-o fish that would be dead by morning....right?  Well...the first three did die off rather quickly, but not this one.....I just thought of a new name for him - I AM NUMBER 4!  (I make myself laugh)  Anyways, I refused to do anything for this fish.  We borrowed fish food from a friend and wouldn't you know it, the fish outlived the food.  I had to buy some food but refused to upgrade his home - a recycled milk jug.  Kyler asks once in a while if I can get him a fish bowl, but I know that the second I do, he'll die.  Every time I walk by their bathroom I can't believe that fish is still alive.  This silly, feeder fish who lives in a milk jug that we fill with plain, old tap water and rarely clean it out (which is probably why you can't even find him in the photo...but he's there) has been with us for 10 months. Maybe we'll upgrade his home if he makes it to October 30th....the one year anniversary of taking him home. I'll be sure to write all about it. 
Don't worry....I'll write about the fish funeral the very next day - it's inevitable!


 It was very hard to get a decent picture....but this was the best I could do.....and I'm happy to have it!!!!!  Thanks to my friend, Trudie, I got to see Donny Osmond on Monday night!  He really does have a great voice and is very entertaining....even when he falls flat on his face!!!!  He sang songs from when he was a little boy all the way through to a song from his most recent album (do they still say album?!?) and a little bit of everything in between.  Trudie and I both loved when he performed Close Every Door to Me from Joseph - but without the loin cloth....bummer!  Which reminds me of a story when I received my Donny & Marie barbie dolls as a little girl......but I don't think it's blog appropriate!  Anyways....
Do you see that purple paper behind my ticket?   Some lucky people were given this paper to fill out a question for Donny and request a song.  The papers were taken back stage to Donny himself.  Some REALLY, REALLY LUCKY people had their purple card selected.  In case you were wondering....I'm just lucky.  I'm happy to say I still LOVE Donny Osmond....always have, always will!!!
May tomorrow be a special day
May you find love and laughter along the way
May God keep you in His tender care
Till He brings us together again,
Good Night, Everybody!

Monday, August 29, 2011


$  25 for One Ticket to See Donny Osmond at Celebrity Theatre on Monday, August 29 at 8 p.m. (Up to $  54.75 Value)
This is who I'm spending my evening with........FOR REALS!

Monday, August 22, 2011

22 YEARS!!!

Can you believe it's been 22 years since Tony and I were married?!?  I guess it's easier to believe if you look at our wedding pictures!
There we were.....just babies!  
Tony was 22....I was 19.
 My mom took the boys this weekend so we could have the house to ourselves!  (thanks!)  Unfortunately, our van's a/c broke down on Thursday and we were hosting a dinner group for church on Saturday.  We didn't let that get in the way of our weekend alone!  It did get me thinking on anniversaries past that also weren't ideal.  Like our 5th Anniversary- we had a miscarriage a few months earlier....oh, and we both lost our jobs that summer too!  We did get to see Harry Connick Jr. in concert.....because we bought the tickets before the job loss.  Or our 7th Anniversary- where Tony insisted we take Colton with us to dinner.  He didn't see how an anniversary celebration would ever be complete without taking our child (or future children) with us!!!  I offered to walk around with Colton during our appetizer so I could sit and enjoy my entree.  (note: Tony has never suggested we take our children with us to celebrate anniversaries again)  There was the 15th Anniversary- we went to see Van Halen in concert and Tony was thrilled to change our song to Van Halen's When It's Love.  There was also a memorable anniversary where we dined at Fat Burger and came home to watch The Simpson's Movie.
I love looking back on the past 22 years.  I love seeing all the ups and downs, the adventures, the drama, the fun, the craziness, the busy times, and the busier times.  I love watching my boys grow up (even though Asher is now dangerously close to being a teenager.....HELP!!!!!) and live their crazy, fun-filled lives...and yes, I even love their drama!  Now I'm off to continue living this very crazy, 
very busy, 
very blessed life!
(I also love last year's anniversary post if you want to see it again here)