Friday, August 17, 2012


We're just ending the fourth week of school and the boys are in full swing with homework and projects.  Last night, Colton was working on a photo story for a class.  He and Kyler worked on it together and these are a few of the photos.  Kyler telling the toys to get in their box.
 They comply.

 Then his character goes to sleep.
 Unaware of what's happening until....
 he wakes up!
(I love this shot)
 The boys get their homework turned in on time, but it would be nice if we could just work on the procrastination. (Is that too much to ask?!?)  Aside from the procrastination, it was so nice to see them working together when I got home.  Where was I (you might be asking)?  Relief Society with my mom.  We were in Hog Heaven (no jokes please!)  That was the theme for the evening...and frankly it was too stinkin' cute!!!
 We started with two classes, then dinner and followed by two more classes.  The evening went like this:
This little piggy went to market
(mini class on smart shopping)
This little piggy stayed home
 (mini class on Family Home Evening)
This little piggy had roast beef
(Dinner time!)
This little piggy had none
(mini class on those who are in need - spiritually or temporally)
This little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home
(mini class on being positive in life)
The talks were wonderful, dinner was great and the desserts were too cute!  Little piggy cookies in "mud" - chocolate pudding, crushed cookies and whipped cream. What a great evening!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We're going on almost three weeks with our new dog.  She started out an adorable little puppy in Utah.  Her name was Kota back then.
 She grew (a little bit) and then was in need of a new home.
 Thankfully, my brother brought her from Utah to Arizona for us.  These photos were taken her first day with us. (she's not a demon...just couldn't figure out how to get rid of the red eye)  She stayed very close to me, she still does.  Poor Roscoe had a hard time with her arrival.
 How cute is she?!?
We named her Coco when she first arrived.
(again....not a demon....unless you ask Roscoe)
 She made herself right at home on our bed.....of course we had to put her on the bed in the first place.  She is way too small to jump up on the bed.  (It didn't stop her from trying though)
 She has no fear of Roscoe, but Roscoe certainly fears his space!  He doesn't like the boys invading his space, he certainly wasn't going to put up with it from this new chickee!  Doesn't she look studious here?!
 We knew she'd fit in fine at the House of Steve when she was watching TV!
 Roscoe doesn't watch TV....just her!!!  They've gotten very comfortable with each in the last few weeks.  He still watches her.  He still doesn't like her invading his space, but he's calmed down. 
She's very spoiled!  Tony and the boys are so happy to have this little dog.  They hold her ALL THE TIME!!!!  I liked the name Coco, but she needed something
She's now Cocolette.
Well, actually....
Cocolette Amelie Genevieve Stock
(yes....we're that ridiculous!)

Monday, August 6, 2012

I'M LOST....

....without a camera!
This year, Colton is taking Yearbook.  He's required to take photos every week.  Only problem:  he doesn't own a camera.  So he took mine! (which is really Asher's......since my camera had a melt down and won't function properly AT ALL!!!)  Now, I have no camera with me at all times....and I feel lost.  It's a common known fact around here that I've wanted a new fancy DSLR camera for quite some time.  But now I'm starting to feel desperate!  Like, donating-my-plasma desperate.  Or painting-house-numbers-on-the-curb desperate.  (deep breath)  OK.....I'll just make do (I'm good at that!) and survive only having my camera after school and on the weekends.  For now, I'll just be proud of Colton for being diligent in his responsibilities to his class.  Here's to Colton & ACP!

 That's almost always the view in our sky!
My favorite shot of far!
And in case any of you have a little job (or know of a job) for me.....let me know! (unless it's worse than giving my plasma or painting house numbers on curbs in August....I don't want a camera that bad!)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

1ST PACK MEETING it's not our 1st pack meeting, but it was Kyler's first as a new Wolf!  He's been so excited to get his Bobcat and last Tuesday was finally the night.  It was also the night that the Cub Scouts baked and decorated their own cake.  Never mind that I've taken cake decorating classes, this boy had his own vision and plans for the cake.  He took charge and was so proud of his accomplishment!  Behold, the Godzilla cake with fire pouring out of his mouth.  Way to go, Kyler!!!
 Now for a quick shout out to Thursday's dinner: Philly Cheesesteaks!  They ended up being open-faced and delicious!  Thinly sliced steak, sauted mushroom, onions and bell peppers with a provolone cheese sauce on top....
 and served with a broccoli slaw!
(Kyler opted to just eat the bun...silly little Wolf Cub!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The day was May 19th, 2012, a Saturday.  It was Kyler's 8th birthday.  It was the day of Kyler's baptism.  It was the day of Colton's Eagle Court of Honor.  It was a BIG DAY and here's the BIG POST!!!!!  So why did we have these two events on the same day?  There are many reasons, but let's cut to the chase....first, UNCLE AUSTIN!  He was released from his mission on May 8th and the boys wanted him at the baptism and the Court of Honor.  It made sense to have both events in the same weekend.  The original plan was to have the Court of Honor Friday night and the baptism on Saturday.  Then Colton came home and informed me of a school dance he was attending....that Friday.  And so the two events merged into one.  The best part was having lots of family come into town to celebrate - Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Audra, Uncle Austin and Uncle Jean-Jacques. Ready for lots of photos?  Here we go!  
Event One: The baptism. 
 Event Two: The Eagle Court of Honor
 May 19th.....early morning.
The set up starts at the El Dorado Building.  (Did I mention that we couldn't reserve the Stake Center for the we not only had two events in one day, but we two buildings to go to!) 
 Uncle Glen sets up the Eagle award display.  (He made hand!  Isn't it AWESOME!!!!)
 The boys set up the "camping area".
 Everyone pitched in and helped with the set up, picking up food, bringing food, unloading cars, etc.  Audra put all the posters and photos up for display.
 Jacquelen took all the photos and set up the merit badge display behind the food table.
 The Eagle is set up and ready for the day!
 There are all the 24 merit badges that Colton earned.  The chairs on the right are for the Eagles Nest.  We didn't set up enough chairs for all the Eagle's that attended the program!
 Everything looks great and is ready.  We didn't set up enough chairs for the audience either.  Many more chairs were set up as people came to the building.  It was very well attended!
 My kind of camping, an air-conditioned building with indoor plumbing!
 Colton's display table.
 Pinewood Derby cars!  Look at that 8 year old Colton in the photo.
 Everything is set up, the programs are ready, time to get dressed and go to a Baptism!!!
 When did they all grow up?!?
 Such a sweet boy!
Kyler, we're so proud of you!!!
 It was a beautiful baptism program.  His brothers and Uncle Austin gave the talks.  His toe poked up out of the water and they had to redo the baptism.  Second time was successful.  54 people wrote a little note to him while he was getting dressed and all the papers were put into this scrapbook.  After the closing prayer, we ran to the next building!
 Everyone's getting in place.  Grandpa was conducting the meeting.
 Grandma played piano for the baptism and the Court of Honor and Aunt Audra was the chorister for both events.
We were blessed to have so many family and friends in attendance.
 We started with a flag ceremony from the cousins.  All four of Jean-Jacques's boys participated with Michael directing them and the audience.  
Great job boys!!!!
 Asher and his friend Simon explained the Trail to Eagle.
 The first Eagle Scout was awarded in 1912.  For the centennial year, they give the boys this special patch.  It's going to look so great on Colton's uniform!
 Uncle Austin (who's an Eagle Scout himself) did the presenting of the Eagle to Colton.
 What a great day!
 Bishop made some closing remarks and then we were done.  I could finally relax and just enjoy everyone now!
 Thanks to Jacquelen for always thinking ahead and catching all the photos!
Uncle Glen & Colton
 Jacquelen & Colton
 Dad & Son
 Uncle Glen, Colton & Tante Josette
 Brother Jones & Colton
He's one of Colton's leaders and the one he chose to give the mentor pin.
 Mamita & Colton
 Aunt Audra, Uncle Austin, Grandpa, Grandma & Colton
 Colton's Eagle Award
 Kyler gets down to business....THE FOOD!!!
(don't you love his church shorts?)
 The food!
It seemed like I blinked and this table was emptied!
 Isn't this cake Awesome?!  Grandma and Grandpa picked up this cake for the birthday/baptism boy.
 A moment with my dad!
 Lots of fun chatting and eating.
 We also had my Aunt Rickey, Natalie, Cheri and Connor come from Oregon!
I was talking with Colton and asked where his grandpa was.  He said "He's over there telling stories and being the center of attention!"  It made me laugh - didn't Colton know, that's a given!!!!  I think he needs to spend more time with my dad....lots of good stories to hear!
 All of Colton's 24 merit badges!
 What a wonderful time to clean up!
 Lots of flags to roll up...
 and more...
 and more....
 and more!
 Good bye, Eagle award!
We'll see you at Asher's Eagle Court of Honor!!!
 What a helpful scout!
 No rest for the weary!
 My dad and his sister, Linda.
 What would I have done without these two!
 The church is clean, the vehicles are packed and now it's time to head home with this super hero...
 and our Eagle!
Anyone else need a nap?