Friday, May 24, 2013


(cue Alice Cooper singing)
Only two more days of school next week and we can close the books on this school year.  Frankly, I'm finding it bittersweet.  I desperately want to be done with the early morning rush and the late night madness, but once they come home on Wednesday it all changes.  Wednesday afternoon I'll have a 4th grader, a Freshman and a...................I don't think I can say it.........................a Senior.  This will be our last summer with Colton.  Our last summer before we have 2 highschoolers.  It's too much for this mama to take in.  With that said....let's try to play catch up on this last month.   It's been a busy one that's included - Fathers & Sons Campout; National Honor Society induction for Colton; My Birthday!; Asher's East Valley Conference Track Meet, Colton's School Prom; Mother's Day; Last Day of Scouts for me & a New Calling; Kyler's Birthday; Kyler's TMNT Party; 8th Grade Graduation & School Awards Ceremony; Jr. High Sports Banquet......and don't forget the highly anticipated return of Arrested Development this Sunday!!!!  (I'll be posting all weekend to catch up....hopefully this post won't be too long)  It begins with Fathers & Sons.  As a mom to all boys, this is my favorite weekend!  I look forward to having some peace and quiet, a chick flick and dinner of my choice.  Too bad my teenagers had other plans.  Colton had an AP study group and Asher was attending his last Jr. High dance.  Kyler decided that he wouldn't go alone and schemed worked out a plan to have his best-friend-since-before-he-was-born-and-practically-his-brother Andrew and his dad come along.  (Tony's planning on taking the boys to a hotel for a weekend to have their own Fathers & Sons....I can't wait!)
 Taking the scouts to a high school baseball game.  What a shock that Kyler's not sitting down!
 Colton was inducted into National Honor Society!  I'm proud of him for taking care of the paperwork and really proud of his 4.34 GPA!!!!
Kyler has been working hard on his animal report.  He chose the Chimpanzee and on top of doing a report, he also made a poster and had to give an oral presentation.  The children were allowed a note card as they stood in front of the class and gave 5 facts about their animal.  His teacher reminded Kyler not to forget his notecard as he walked to the front of the room.  He calmly told her that he didn't need one.  She was already impressed. (his teacher adores him)
 Tony and I sat on the sidelines and watched our boy present his animal.  After giving 5 facts, his classmates may now ask questions of him since he's now a "Chimpanzee Expert".  Q: You said that chimpanzees eat ants and termites, do they eat anything else?  A: (he immediately responds - in charge and confident to lead this Q & A) I didn't read that part, I just read about the ants and termites.  I'm sure they eat other things, just don't know what it is.  Next question.  I turned to look at Tony - shocked that my boy was so unprepared -  but Tony is mesmerized by Kyler.  He's looking at him like he is the coolest thing on the planet.....which let's face, he kind of is!  The rest of the Q & A goes pretty much like the first question.  Kyler confidently telling his classmates that he didn't research that part, just the facts he's already given.  He's a natural up there, almost sad to see this part of the presentation end.  I give him an "A" for confidence and public speaking abilities, but can't imagine he did very well with the surface research he did.  He teacher announces his time is over and then says......
(did I mention she adores him)
And really, who wouldn't?!?
Even with the shaggy hair and dirty face.
Oh....did I mention - He received a 100% for his oral presentation.  I'm not worried about this boy.  He's got everything under control.
Next post coming soon......and it's all about ME!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What is Mormon Prom?
It's a church sponsored Prom for ages 16-18 that complies with For the Strength of Youth standards and conduct.
Is it only for Mormons?
NO!  Anyone is welcome to attend. There are rules and guidelines to follow, but all are welcome.
Are Mormon Proms trying to eliminate school proms?
Not at all.  My son has attended both Mormon Prom and his School Prom for the last two years.  Mormon Prom is an inexpensive, cleaner music, no grinding, stricter dress code event.  While some may choose this over a School Prom others use it as another opportunity to go out with their friends.
What is the cost per couple?
That varies with the prom.  Last year, Colton went to the East Valley dance and that was $10 per couple.  This year, he went to the Scottsdale Prom and it was $40 per couple.  He did feel that it was worth it with yummy treats and great music.
Dress Standards (as listed on the ticket)
Young Women:
Dress should be modest and at least knee length.  Shoulders must be covered (no thin straps or spaghetti straps, no strapless).  Slit in dress should be no higher than the knee.  Back of dress should be well above the bra line.  No midriff and cleavage showing.  No low-cut neck lines.  Any cover-up or jacket used to create sleeves or to cover an open back must not be sheer, and must be worn the entire evening.  No body piercing (other than ears).
Young Men:
Dress pants and tie.  Collared, button-down dress shirts only.  No jeans, t-shirts, radical hair styles (strange colors, mohawks, etc.), ball caps, earrings or body piercing.

Last year, Colton and Emily had dinner out before meeting up for photos and the dance.  This year, Colton had a group of 5 couples and they met at our home for dinner after photos.  I had so much fun making this night special for everyone and working with the Tres Chic theme.  They walked in to see our appetizer table.
 They chose pizza for dinner, so I went a little crazy with an appetizer table!
Here's what was offered.....
Sliced bagettes
 2 kinds of pita chips
Multigrain & Parmesan Cheese
 Veggie Chips
 4 kinds of Hummus
 Olive Tapenade & Tzatziki
 Cucumbers, Red Bell Peppers, Snap Peas
 Red Grapes & Strawberries
 Salmon Dip
 Warm Cheesy Bacon Dip
 Caprese Salad Skewers
 Then they traveled to Paris!
OK, maybe it wasn't Paris, but close enough.
The entree arrived and the men served their dates.
 We ended the meal with Italian Sodas, then it was time to head out to the dance.  The only snag....see the tickets in the lower left hand corner of the photo.  They were forgotten, but quickly retrieved!  I hope they had a great night.  And finally...
the gorgeous couples!

 Colton & Brianna

Monday, May 6, 2013


Life if a whirlwind from mid-April through May, tons of studying & tests at school, wrapping up club events, seminary, PROM season, etc., etc., etc.  It officially hit our home a couple of  weeks ago.  Colton is studying extra hard for finals and AP exams.  Asher is busy finishing the end of track season.  Kyler shocked us all and finished his reading requirements weeks ahead of time! (he's using the extra time and lack of stress to talk WAY TOO MUCH in school......the teacher sent an email!)  Another big event was the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony a week ago Thursday.  Colton was so handsome in his black pants, purple shirt and black tie (I think he needs a silver one and he'll be even more decked out in school colors!)  WAY TO GO, COLTON, we're so proud of you!
I love this photo with Asher in the background.  He was at track and made it in time for cake!  After the ceremony and cake, Colton and Asher took off to Mesa Community College to cheer on the Special Olympics with our ward.  Tony and I, having only one child to feed, let Kyler choose what he wanted - FAT BURGER!  
Spoiled boy!  He was so happy to have us to himself........and to have a delicious shake.  One thing this boy knows - how to get spoiled!  The next week I needed to go to Target and took him after school.  Going to any store is torture to this boy.  After shopping, I treated him to some snacks at the snack bar.  He directed me in the photos he needed.  Love that boy!

Then he looked at me and said,
"Mom, when you took me to the store I thought you crushed my soul, but now you brighten it up in a way."
Classic Kyler!