Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm playing catch up with EVERYTHING right now. Cleaning my home, doing the laundry, visiting with friends, doing my church calling, and writing on my blog! First, there was spring break. We were very busy during the first week and then I had horrible back pain.....
that got worse.....
and worse.........
and worse!!!!!
I've been out of it while I waited and waited and waited for things to get better. Finally I turned a corner and have been getting so much better. Last Friday I started physical therapy. I felt so good afterwards....and then it hit me. I was so worn out! Crazy!!!
So, this morning I posted 4 new items. Make sure you read all of them so you can see a really embarrassing photo at the end. Before my back pain, we picked out matching ties from The Matching Tie Guy ( The ties come in every size - newborn to adult! There are even some ties that have matching hair ties for girls - way cute! Here's the boys springtime tie. Kyler picked one out for the'll have to wait a couple of months before we debut them. What a good looking bunch! (yes, I'm fully aware of the haircuts that they're in need of)
The boys....just being themselves!

The last item has no hard visual proof.....but it happened! It took nearly 40 years and an ambulance ride to the ER for it to happen, but








(maybe my canopy bed is next.....I just hope it's not on the 40 year plan too!)


Last year we went to Provo, UT to visit my baby brother at BYU during Easter. We had such a fun time visiting him, touring the campus (Colton even went to a Biology class with him), shopping in the bookstore, eating at the creamery, etc. Lots of fun! Well, Austin will be reporting to the MTC on May 5th and we wanted to see him again before then. As we thought of going up to Utah, we had a great idea.....why don't we just fly him down here! Easy and much less expensive!!! Austin came out on Thursday, April 1st and flew back Monday evening. Here he is -
hangin' with his peeps!
It was cool that General Conference was on Easter weekend. Austin went with Tony, Colton and Asher to the priesthood session. This picture reminds me of that song from Sesame Street.....
One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song? Did you guess which thing was not like the others? Did you guess which thing just doesn't belong? If you guessed this one is not like the others, Then you're absolutely...right!
Austin should have gone to The Matching Tie Guy (

And then.......we celebrated Easter! What would it be without Peeps?!? Look at these cute, little, innocent peeps. Are you confused? Aren't all peeps innocent?



(Someone forgot to position the eyes properly....oops!)
These may be evil......but not as evil as.......


Let's move on to something happier.....

(poor Roscoe, no basket for you)

This is where Asher's picture should be
He escaped the camera!!!!!

Kyler and Austin......with conference in the background
(these photos are not out of order......we didn't color Easter eggs until Sunday morning - AFTER they received their baskets) I love how Tony's the only was smiling in the picture. We normally don't color eggs, so I was just proud of us for doing it at all.

Our traditionally colored eggs
Our not-so-traditionally colored eggs!
Darth Vader
and Yoda!
The time flew by too quick! Before we knew it, it was time to take Austin to the airport. We love you, Austin!!!!! We can't wait to see our first pictures of Hermano Mulleneaux from the Roseville, CA mission (spanish-speaking).


Colton turned 14 this past St. Patrick's Day! It fell on a Wednesday, which was perfect since Tony has Wednesday's off. Colton picked the places he wanted to eat during the day and all the boys had a great time together. The best part of turning 14 was that Colton was ordained a Teacher in our church. It was a beautiful Sunday and just look how handsome all my men are! Don't you LOVE their matching ties!!! (just visit Ties in Every Size - from newborn to adult!!!) This is their spring a couple of months I'll show you their summer look! Colton, we are so proud of you and the choices you make. You're a good example and we LOVE you!
Now on to other important things about turning 14.....THE PARTY! Colton rolled out of bed on Saturday, March 20th and typed a message to some friends about a party at 4:30. THAT'S IT! A party......4:30........NO DATE, NO STOP TIME, NO EXPLANATION. I asked if he could get some more information to everyone. He typed that the party was from 4:30 - 9:00. After he sent it off I mentioned that he might want to say that the party was for that day. He rolled his eyes and said "They know." Apparently they did! He had almost a dozen kids....excuse me, TEENAGERS at my home that afternoon. I ran to Costco and grabbed a cake and a veggie tray....Tony ordered pizzas and crazy bread and rented 2012....and VOILA - the party was ready! I teased Colton that they only had princess cakes left at Costco (since he gave us practically NO NOTICE). This was the most masculine cake they had left. For all intents and purposes, Colton thought this WAS a princess cake!
A shot of the aftermath of pizza boxes and Mr. John Cusack on my TV.
As I called all the kids....oops, TEENAGERS over to sing Happy Birthday to Colton I said "Come on, Schmoopie!" Everyone laughed and Mitch sang Happy Birthday to Schmoopie to him. Colton couldn't stop laughing to blow out his candles.
More laughing.
After this they all went to play 007. Even though it's his favorite game to play, his favorite part of the party was probably ALL THE GIRLS that attended. I'm so mad I didn't get any photographs of them.....grrrrrrr! I'm sure it will just give Colton another excuse to host another party soon.


Here's a pretty self-explanitory blog post. Tired of using sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk?
How about a trampoline?!?
My three mop tops!

(ok.....technically Kyler doesn't have a mop top.....but we couldn't leave him out!)
And now for the infamous line from my curler-wearing-in-public mother......

So glad it doesn't embarrass you, mom.