Saturday, November 23, 2013

YWIE - Week 12

I miscounted the weeks and we only had 12 Sundays.  But I had promised 13 parts...what was I to do?!?  HAVE TWO SONGS on the last week!

(Optimistic Voices)
I played this song from this link on YouTube.
While the song played, I went through these signs:
3 More Days to YWIE!!!

You've Done It!!!!!!
You are all AWESOME!!!!!
(then the music turns sad) still need to decorate your table
You can do it!  We can help!!!
(music turns happy again and I finish with these two signs)
3 short days until MAJOR TREATS!!!!!!
We love you and are so PROUD of YOU!!!!!!!!

(Somewhere Over the Rainbow)
Someday in the near future
3 days hence
Young Women's in Excellence
will finally commence
Someday in the near future
We'll stand in awe
At your talents and hard work
Success is what I foresaw
You picked a value out of eight
Now think of how to decorate
Your table
Your name and value I'll provide
for all the rest you must decide
I can't wait to see
Stand Ye in Holy Places
in our theme
Serving in this Young Women's is living my favorite dream
(immediately hit this song at the 4:01 mark)
I then held up the sign THE END
followed by the credits
Cast in order of Appearance
Dorothy - Sister Stock
Glinda - Sister Stock
Mayor of Munchkinland - Sister Stock
Lullaby League - Sister Stock
Lollypop Guild - Sister Stock
The Munchkins - Sister Stock
Scarecrow - Sister Stock
Tin Man - Sister Stock
Cowardly Lion - Sister Stock
Townspeople of the Emerald  City - Sister Stock
Sign Holder - Sister Stock


YWIE - Week 11

(Merry Old Land of Oz)
Read, read here, read, read there
Put your thoughts in your journal
That's how we work to pass off goals
The blessings are eternal
Work, work here, work, work there
As you're finishing up your goal
That's how success will soon be yours
It's really in your control
So be diligent the battles almost won
One more week of this
and then my songs are done.
Serve, serve here, serve, serve there
Till you 10 hour project's through
And when you're done, now don't you stop
There's plenty for you to do.
Tick, tock here, tick, tock there
Your time is running out
Just 10 more days to work real hard
You'll succeed, I have no doubt!
(Fast Sunday - No Treat)

YWIE - Week 10

(If I Only Had the Nerve)
In this world it isn't easy
Staying clean and pure - (I whispered) not sleazy
to peer pressure don't you cave
And bad choices say adieu!
Oh, the Lord has plans for you
Let's be fierce and bold and brave!
Stand up for what's good and true
Even when it's hard to do
Lots of sadness this can save
In your choices be courageous
You will find that it's contagious
and with all your might, be brave!
When we make - a mistake
It leaves our hearts to ache
Repentance is not something we can fake
Be true to you - Simply Partake
The Lord - He loves you dearly
His Path - He marked it clearly
It's up to you - Behave!
So remember what to say
As we walk through everyday
We will stand up and be brave!
(TREAT: Circus Animal Cookies)

YWIE - Week 9

(If I Only Had a Heart)
We could be rude, vain and tough
Also greedy, coarse and rough
Good feelings torn apart
But the world has that in spades
Beehives, Laurels and Mia Maids
Will you share your faithful heart?
Let's be tender, let's be gentle
Kind and not judgmental
Your love you can impart
We should serve one another
sister, brother, father, mother
As we share our faithful heart.
Picture this - domestic bliss
Peace and plenty here abide
We'll find beauty everywhere we roam
When there's LOTS of love at home
Let's be faithful and refined
pure and gentle, good and kind
We need to do our part
Nurture tenderness and love
and the Lord will be proud of
You for sharing faithful hearts.
(Treat:  Mini Cherry and Mini Apple Pies - made in a mini muffin tin)

YWIE - Week 8

(If I Only Had a Brain)
I could while away my days
Living in a haze
from thinking I'd abstain
No, I'll reach for something higher
and my mind I won't retire
I'll be sure to use my brain!
I can study hard in school
Get good grades and still be cool
My mind I can't constrain
With the thoughts I'd be thinkin'
I could be another Lincoln
If I'm sure to used my brain!
(hold up Personal Progress book and Scriptures)
Look and see, revealed to me
What God knows I can be
I will study, read and ponder mightily
And then I'll sit and think of Thee
I will not just be a nothing
My head I'll put some stuff in
Vast knowledge I'll attain
So let's dance and be merry
Life will be a ding-a-derry
Let's be sure to use our brain!
(Fast Sunday - No Treat)

YWIE - Week 7

(Tune of Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead)
Ding, dong we're half-way through
Finish strong, we're proud of you!
Ding, dong we're really half way through!
Focus everyday, stay the course
You're on your way.
Focus because we're half way through.
Your time is running low
Let's go, let's go, let's go
Let's do our best and work
to finish projects
Ding, dong the merry-oh,
sing it high, sing it low.
Aren't you glad?
We're really half-way through!
(Treat: everyone was invited to my home the next night for an ice-cream social)

YWIE - Week 6

(Lollypop Guild)
I represent the
lollypop bribe,
lollypop bribe,
lollypop bribe.
And in the name of
the lollypop bribe,
We're BEGGING you to get your projects done!
(Treat: Oreo Truffle Lollypops)

YWIE - Week 5

(Lullaby League)
I represent
the presidency,
the presidency,
the presidency.
And in the name of
the presidency,
We wish to tell you girls that
We LOVE You!
(Treat for the week.....Veggies and Ranch Dip)


YWIE - Week 4

(Mayor of Munchkinland)
As Counselor in this Young Women's
In the merry ward of Islands
I welcome you this Sabbath Day
and hope that you're well on your way.

Let's see.....
Let's see.
If she.........
If she.
Is morally, ethically,
spiritually, physically,
positively, absolutely,
undeniably working on all her goals
(hold up photo of the medallion)
Earning this will be a day of independence
For ALL you girls.....and your descendants.
Yes, let the joyous news be spread
Sister Stock has brought you
We spoil you, we spoil you
(I made mini loaves of homemade wheat bread and brought strawberry butter and plain butter for the girls)

YWIE - Week 3

(To the tune of  It Really Was No Miracle)
(I start by saying......How did I get my Young Woman Medallion?)
It really was no miracle
What happened was just this
I opened up my book,
Quickly gave a look
and suddenly ideas inside my brain
They shook
Just then I took, another little look
Decided to work hard and not be on Facebook!
So now, let's see the steps I took
I opened up my book
In my breakfast nook
and suddenly ideas inside my brain
They shook
Just then I took another little look
Decided to work hard
No task did I forsook!
(no treats.....It was Fast Sunday)

YWIE - Week 2

(Song Glinda sings to the Munchkins.....Come out, come out)

Work hard, work hard
remember my friends
work hard, be diligent
Until you reach the end
You'll reach the end
of that I'm assured
And you'll find success, I give you my word
(then I motioned to the girls to repeat the line and they did)
And you'll find success, I give you my word
I bring you good news
or haven't you heard?
I brought you more treats
another miracle occurred
(That week I brought them mini candy bars)


YWIE - Week 1

(sung to the tune of Somewhere Over the Rainbow)
Someday in the near future
Don't you shirk
There are goals to accomplish
Go and put in some work!
Someday in the near future
Tables are set
And the projects completed
will lots of high praise get.
Just pick a value out of eight,
then set your course, don't deviate
Be constant
When goals are set and plans are made
Due diligence must next be paid
That's how you'll succeed
Stand Ye in Holy Places, everyday
Oreo Truffle Brownies
Yum - they are on their way
(The treat was Oreo Truffle Brownies)


YWIE 2013

Young Women In Excellence (YWIE) is a night to celebrate the girls and their talents/accomplishment.  We encourage them to get a 10 hour project done from their Personal Progress book.  This year, we decided to use the Wizard of Oz theme as we encouraged them.  They were "following the yellow brick road" as their path to Personal Progress.  For 12 weeks I rewrote songs from The Wizard of Oz and performed them for the girls.  I also included a treat except on Fast Sundays.  It was challenging at times, but so worth it!  I called my one woman production
Follow the links to weekly song:
Now we're finally ready for the big event.  First, the girls we celebrated that night along with Bishop Call.
The girls displayed their projects on those side tables.
Here's our "Dorothy" table
(our program is on the table too)
Our "Glinda and the Munchkins" table
Our "Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion" table
Our dessert table
We made the treats that we had been giving to the girls over the past 12 weeks.  This included:
Oreo Truffle Brownies
Homemade Bread
Veggies & Dip
Oreo Truffles
Mini Pies
Circus Animal Cookies
Cinnamon Bun Popcorn
We also served lemonade and water for the drinks.

I just think it turned out so beautiful!!!
I wish I had a photo with all the food, but by the time the food was out - everyone was eating!!!
 Lots of candid shots of the evening!

 THANK YOU to all the leaders (and their spouses and children) who helped set up and tear down.  THANKS to all the girls for being so wonderful and talented!
Such a great evening!

Monday, November 4, 2013


Bittersweet day, last home soccer game of the season.  Getting ready to take the field.
Senior signs ready to go!
(it cracked me up that they had his number wrong!)
 Mamita and Kyler on the sidelines.
  Then came half time.....and the Seniors walked their parents out on the field.  While we walked on the field, the principal read Colton's words:
"Colton is the son of Anthony and Nicole Stock.  Colton looks forward to becoming a writer or an animator.  He plans on following his dreams and being creative throughout his life and looks forward to someday raising a family of his own.  He would like to thank his parents for their support and for putting up with his attitude as well as pushing him to excel in school and life in general.  Colton's parents have taught him so much and are prime examples of what Colton hopes to become when he is older.  Colton wants to express how much he loves his parents and appreciates all that they have sacrificed for him." 
Congratulations Colton on a wonderful senior season.
Yep!  It made me cry......heaven help me!  How am I going to get through this whole year?!?  Stocking up on tissue now......I'll need lots on graduation night!

My beautiful flowers!
....ok.....more crying!
 Then the release of the balloons......
  I mean........
(please, pass the tissues!!!!)