Thursday, February 20, 2014


Kyler's Class Valentine's Party
I makes me happy that he still loves for me to help out with parties and field trips. After all the valentines were passed out, Kyler emptied his box into the bag to see all his loot!  (remember when valentines were just valentines....not loaded with candy, glow sticks, pencils, balloons, etc)
 He read every card and took note of all the candy.
Kyler left his Valentine's in the van and when we cleaned out the van on Monday I found a HUGE red heart that a girl had given him.  Kyler looked at it and said, "She went big and didn't go home!"  Audra, I thought of you...Go big or Go home!
Remember Kyler's Valentines from last year....I loved them!
This year he chose Star Wars again....but this time he was the star.  Tony put 3 different backgrounds in, but Kyler chose the death star.  I printed out the photos and then used a hole punch for the top of the flashlight.  Then Kyler put a glow stick through the hole for the lightsaber and taped it to the back of the photo.  I was at a meeting for the Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration the night these were made (along with 1,500 other people.....yes, it was CRAZY!)  I was thankful that Tony took care of things, but I didn't get a photo of a completed one.  I did ask Kyler to put his name on the back, but he informed me it wasn't necessary since his photo was on it.  I mean, come on!  Who doesn't know Kyler!!!!  Silly mom.

 Back to the party...drawing a halo on the board for a photo op.
That's my Kyler!
 Up next......tasting some really sour candy.

 I really enjoyed that!
 After the party, I realized I had forgotten about my allergy shots.  We raced to the doctors and discovered that "Nemo" was dying.  He wasn't doing too well and kept tipping over.  I don't think I'll see him there next month.  Kyler's response.....
Some Live, Some Die.
 And!  Not just flowers, but flowers that were DELIVERED to my door!  They arrived on Thursday while I was out.  I was so happy to see them and as I took them inside I saw that they were addressed to Anthony Stock.  Yes....for a minute I wondered what foolish woman sent him flowers!  After reading the card, I realized they were sent to me from Anthony.  (thank goodness.....Valentine's Day almost got violent!!!)  I will say that he's consistent with little flowers being addressed to anniversary he brought me chocolates wrapped with a Happy Birthday sticker.....typical Tony ;-) Note: the coral rose was not a part of the bouquet.  We ate at Blue Adobe and they gave me a rose as we left.
Happy 25th Valentine's Day to us!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Life has been pretty busy lately that my mom had to schedule time to go shopping with me. We went on Saturday and had no clue when we set this up that it would be 88 degrees out!!!!  Not fun when you are getting in and out of the hot car!  Summer is on it's way to the Valley of the Sun.  Anyways.....I left my three monkeys and took off to enjoy the day!  
(at Tuesday Mornings)
 We went to several garage sales, then Tuesday Mornings and Garden Ridge.  I did not buy the monkey ???? (what is it.....a side table?) at Tuesday Mornings, but I did pick up a 2.5 inch square punch.  I have visions of making cards with lots of colorful pinwheels, so happy to get that punch.  The shot glasses (6) were found at Garden Ridge and the demitasse set (also 6) were picked up at a garage sale.  I really want to have a taster party.....who's in?
 I picked up this cake plate at another garage sale. 
 I love the flower design!
 I also picked up the four white bowls at that same sale.  It matches the pink bowl (from a sale a long time ago) and the very colorful bowls I picked up at Costco last week.  I'm planning on getting rid of the kiddie plastic ware in our cabinet and transitioning Kyler to real dishes all the time.  As you can imagine, he's not happy with this idea.
 There is a size difference, but it works for me.
 I really do love them!
 After shopping, we headed over to Kneaders for lunch.  I chose the Turkey Bacon Avocado on Focaccia with a tart and Mom chose the French Dip on Baguette with a slice of pie. 
Such a yummy way to finish our shopping!

Monday, February 10, 2014


We took our family on January 31st for a tour and loved every minute of it.  It was a beautiful, cool and overcast day (my favorite!), which made waiting outside very pleasant. 
Beginning of Tour
  End of Tour
 We were able to take the boys through to look at the baptismal font, instruction room, celestial room, and a sealing room.  It is so beautiful with all the agave design in the stained glass, moldings, light fixtures, vases, carpet, etc. 
 I was really happy to have my family together in the temple, but I couldn't stop thinking about this summer.  Colton plans to enter the temple for his own endowments this summer.  Like in 4 months......FOUR MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!  Needless to say, I was quite emotional....excited, thrilled, grateful, and so scared at how quickly my kids are growing up.
 I'm shrinking!  That's what it feels like standing next to my 6'3" son.  Even Kyler's almost too tall for me to stand behind him in photos.  The next week, Tony and I took Colton and Asher to work at the open house.  The boys were busy cleaning wheelchair wheels and putting shoe coverings on peoples feet.  Tony was directing people outside the temple and I was just outside the sealing room.  We all had a wonderful time serving and even enjoyed a dinner out together.
The open house runs through this Saturday.  Then we will countdown to the Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration on March 1st.  The youth from 25 stakes (around 12,000 twelve to eighteen year olds) will be performing for the prophet and other leaders.  Our youth have been working hard to learn the dance, songs and sign language for this event.  As a mom and youth leader, I'm so happy excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids.  Then the following day, Sunday, March 2nd, the temple will be dedicated.  So many great opportunities, so many blessings!