Monday, July 30, 2012


We're now in our second week at school and the only consistency this year so far......I'M SICK!!!!  Last week I kept telling myself I wasn't getting sick (since you know how well that works!) and finally last Wednesday went to the doctors.  As soon as she checked my throat she said "No need to swab's strep throat!"  Really?!?  I started on antibiotics and waiting patiently for the pain to go away.  Now, with almost 6 days of pills in me, I'm still in pain!  I am getting better, but am shocked at the pain in my throat and ears still.  Today was pretty productive though, I finally typed up a seminary itinerary for Colton and Asher.  They have their reading lists and scripture mastery scriptures for the whole month of August. Yay, Me!!!
 Last Friday we added to our family and this little pup hasn't been too happy.  Here he is today enjoying a blanket to himself.
 And here's the new miss in her "corner".  Introducing....
(I think she needs at least 2 middle names.....when I decide on the names, you'll be the first to know!)

Monday, July 23, 2012


First day of school!!!  I can't believe we all woke up on time - BONUS!!!  After the laziest summer on record, I was a little worried about that one.  Not only did everyone rise to the occasion (pun intended), but they ate their breakfast, got ready for school and Colton and Asher had seminary with me.  A very successful morning if you ask me.  Too bad I forgot to snap some photos this morning.  First day of school photos are just as good at the end of the day....right?!?  Kyler was the first to get in the van.  Then we waited on the bus that drops Colton and Asher at Kyler's school.  (this year is going to be great!!!!)
 While we're waiting on the boys....let's review their new uniforms.  Shirts come in black, purple, grey and white.  The boys opted for two purple & two black.  I love the embroidered crest on their shirts this year.
 After purchasing the shirts last week, the boys "modeled" for me.  This is their interpretation of "catalog chic".
 Workin' it with Roscoe!
 All boys are finally in the van and we head home....for photos!  He does make this look good!
 Stud.....yes he is!
 Colton needed to put a Batman reference in there....enjoy!
 My only group shot
 Poor Roscoe....can they just leave him alone.
Stay tuned on Friday.....Roscoe's life will never be the same.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


and guess who shaved!!!!
Asher joins the Rank of Man in the House of Steve! 
 It was a big evening for everyone.  All the Stock boys gathered for the big event. (cutting it a little close {pun not intended}....shaving the night before school starts.)
 Some tips from dad....and Colton shaving in the background. If Kyler follows in his brothers footsteps, he'll be shaving in 5 years!
Let's review the week before school started....Monday: well checks for the boys.  It's always interesting taking all three of them to the doctor's together.  Biggest news of the day: Asher is 1/4" taller than Colton.  Poor Colton!  He's not going to hear the end of it this year!  After the doctor's office, we went to purchase the boys new uniforms.  Very productive day! about 2 for 1 dinner specials?  Yes, Please!!!!  We took Colton and Asher out for Chicken Fried Steak dinners at Midwestern Meat Market.  The only difference in our meals was how our potato was cooked.  I had the baked....
 Colton and Asher had fries.....
 and Tony had mashed.  It was really yummy and  Kyler enjoyed his dinner just as much.  He ate cereal and played with friends.
 Wednesday....Day of the Knights (bookstore days at Colton and Asher's new school).  This is Colton's fifth year at the school.  We've never taken more than twenty minutes to pick up schedules, buy PE clothes, activity cards and pay.  This year we were at the school for more than 2 hours....MORE THAN TWO HOURS!!!!!  (we left the school just in time to pick up Mamita at the airport)  So what delayed us?  Asher didn't have a schedule!  We waited in the office for over 1 1/2 hours waiting to fix it.  Although I will say that I would love it if Asher didn't have a schedule, no procrastination, right!  Colton had the privilege of calling Tony to bring us the checkbook.
 Thursday.....Colton needed to have some more blood work done.  Not fun, but necessary.  Friday.....FUN DAY!  Tony took the day off and he and the older boys went to see Batman in IMAX.  Kyler had Andrew over for the day and they had their normal McDonald's lunch.  Spoiled little boys!  It was really nice to have a relaxing day.  Saturday.....CLEANING!!!!  We have so many blankets to wash....we're still washing.  Roscoe did enjoy the bed though.
 So did Kyler....
 and Asher!
 Which brings us to today....Asher didn't clean out his backpack in May, so he had to tonight. ('s already starting!)  I can't believe he fit all of this into a backpack.
 He found some flarp...nice. was that dirty that he needed to vacuum the backpack out.
 Roscoe hiding out next to me.  He's going to be so happy to have them at school tomorrow. am I!
Here's to a great Junior, 8th grade and 3rd grade year!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Nope, this isn't about Bob the's Kyler the Builder!  After a long absence, I signed Kyler up for the Lowe's kid workshop.  He LOVES putting things together and using the hammer.  And yes, he's all boy and isn't necessarily interested in the instructions!
 Since he has his mother right next to him, he can't avoid the instructions for long.  Don't you love this face?  It's his mom-wants-to-take-another-photo-of-me face, which coincidentally is the same as the mom-just-suggested-looking-at-the-instructions face.
This is a little bit better.....JUST A LITTLE!  He finished his Kung Fu Panda Kicking Action toy in just a few minutes.  Way to go, Ky!
We'll be back in two weeks for the next project!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Can you guess what this is?!?
Place it on the toilet and challenge your boys to become an expert!  Our neighbor, Josh made it and brought it over today.  We had a good just made me wish my boys were experts!!!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Last year, I went furniture shopping with my mom.  She was looking for a few items and we shopped all over the valley that day.  Our last stop was a furniture store in North Phoenix.  This leather club chair and ottoman were right at the front of the store.  We immediately fell in love.  It was smaller for kids, but not too small.  I could just picture Kyler sitting in it.  She could too and quickly purchased it for her new home.  Later, as she dropped me at my home, she had my boys take the chair in for Kyler. (yes, he really is this spoiled!)
It's so nice that she gave it to him since he claimed it from the first moment he laid eyes on it!  It's not only  his favorite place to be in our's a favorite spot for Colton, Asher and anyone else who comes over.
I can only imagine what goes through Kyler's mind as he kicks back after an exhausting day.  He chills in this chair.  He controls the TV in this chair.  On occasion, he even sleeps in this chair.
I'm so curious for the future.  Can you even imagine a fully grown, 6'5" Kyler sitting here?!?  Trust me, I'll take lots of photos when that day comes.  For now, I'll enjoy my little man!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HAPPY 7/11 DAY!!!

Happy 7-Eleven Day!  Did you know you can get your very own free (7.11oz) SLURPEE today?  Last year the boys tried to get their free slurpees when Tony came home from work.  Unfortunately, they only have so many 7.11 oz cups and once they run out, no more free slurpees.  Today we headed out earlier in the day for our free slurpee.  And really....what's better on a hot, Hot, HOT day then a slurpee?
(and a balloon for Kyler)
 Not wanting to lose his balloon, he found a great place to corral it.
 Then we were off to visit friends.  Kyler, Kevin and Valerie decided to make short videos with Deanna's phone.  I can't believe my baby is old enough to want to make movies with his friends!
I think I need to watch Colton and Asher's old videos at Kyler's age.  That would be a great activity to do during THE LAZIEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!! (school starts in 12 days, then the lazy summer ends.....sad)

Monday, July 9, 2012


 I'm still enjoying the LAZIEST SUMMER ON RECORD!  Having a driver has made this summer divine.  I didn't (repeat DID NOT) allow him to drive on our Utah trip, but once we were home I've given most of the driving over to him.  No milk for breakfast in the worries!  Just give Colton a little $$$ and the car keys....problem solved!!!  Asher or Kyler want to be dropped off at a friends worries.....send Colton!!!!  I'm loving this and plan on enjoying my last two weeks of summer.  Yes, in two weeks all my kids will be back in school.  And then I actually have to get up early and DRIVE them!  Suddenly I want to change the subject......moving on to Kyler's primary class.  They were discussing last week about Christ being our shepherd..  Everyone in the class was given a little lamb with their name on it.  Kyler also wanted an extra one and named him "Jim".  Apparently, he loves this name and plans on naming one of his future sons "Jim".   Good to know!
 Kyler's also started bringing a notebook with him to church.  (he still brings a bag of small super hero toys, but we're slowing transitioning to paper and pen)  He decided to write down everything that happened in Primary.  He included what songs they sang, who said the prayers and talks, who had a birthday, the baseball and later the string he found.  I love his last line....."lost string".  And finally, despite his primary teacher and parents suggesting that he take the baseball to the lost and found, he brought it home.  Oh, Kyler.
 Monday, July 2nd was an exciting day.  My Tante Josette and cousins, Jacquelen and Juliet went clothes shopping!  We headed to the Distribution Center to get Jacquelen ready for the temple the next day.  The next day we all went to the temple to be there for Jacquelen.  It was really wonderful to share in that special day for her!  Jacquelen, thanks for letting me hang out with you on the shopping day!
 4th of July!!!
We were invited to a BBQ/Swim party at the Baxter's that evening.  That meant another very lazy day until then.  Everyone was happy to have Subway for lunch.  I was happy to not cook or do dishes!!!
At 6pm, we were off to the Baxter's with lots of friends, food and fun!  
Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!