Thursday, June 28, 2012


 Asher left on Monday morning for a week at Camp Raymond.  I was excited for him to have some fun and all the opportunities to earn lots of merit badges.  He was just recovering from being sick, but we really felt he'd be OK.  Just after lunch Monday, I received the call that Asher was on his way home.  He just wasn't feeling well at all.  He even slept the entire way home.  So this week has been full of soup, smoothies and naps.    Kyler was even under the weather yesterday, but I think he's willed himself to be fine.  It takes a lot for Kyler to stay down!  Then last night....the dog was sick!  REALLY?!?  I give!
 The boys bundled our 13 pound dog in two comforters.
 Poor Roscoe!
You can tell that's Asher's finally much better!
I still have Asher's napping regularly and push lots of fluids.  Maybe tomorrow we'll be able to leave the house.  Not that I'm in a hurry - 112 degrees outside OR 74 degrees air-conditioned house?  I'll take the house!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


 We came home from Utah just in time for Colton's High Adventure hike.  (Last year he and Asher went to Havasupai.)  This year Colton went to Hell's Gate.  (Asher will be going to Camp Raymond)  I was nervous to send him since he's on medicine that makes him extra sensitive to the sun, but the doctor assured me it was fine.  We hugged and kissed him and sent him on his way.  They drove up on a Wednesday afternoon and hiked in that night.  It was a difficult hike, but he did it! (I think he even enjoyed it, not sure if he's up to saying that yet.)
 I'm really proud of him and very thankful to the leaders that make these activities possible!
We were so happy to see him Saturday afternoon! (Roscoe was checking out the smells on his backpack)  The hike must have been fun.....he's still smiling!
 The shoes were so dirty they matched my brown carpet!  (yes, the shoes are going to be tossed and new ones will be purchased!)  I can't wait to see where you go for high adventure next year!

Monday, June 18, 2012


As we were on our way to Provo to pick up Colton, our van died.  It finally started up again and I was able to get to Colton.  I saw that there was no more coolant in the reserve and filled it up.  The van seemed to work better right away and I hoped we were done with our troubles.  Nope!  I had troubles for the entire drive to Enterprise, UT.  Thankfully, we arrived safely and enjoyed just hanging out with friends.  The boys had a great time in the dirt, playing with the dogs, playing video games, riding four-wheelers and eating at Marv's!  I wish I would have taken more photos (and before the last day) since I don't have photos of everyone.  Colton, Talon and Kelton are missing in the photos, but there was no shortage of Wyatt photos! He's the baby of the family and completely adorable, mischievous and silly.  It was so fun to be around a 4 year-old again.....until I was showering one morning and had a surprise guest in the bathroom!  I wasn't aware of his ability to unlock doors in the house. 
 Kyler loved their pantry!  He was in Heaven and said it was like a "food museum".  Don't you love the sunburn....he enjoyed playing there so much and would love to move there.
 Kyndel, Maicey & Wyatt.  THANKS, girls for letting me use your room!
 Asher, Gavon & Kyler
Gavon & Asher were inseparable!  Gavon was not happy when he found out that we were leaving early Tuesday morning, especially since he found out Monday night.  I wish that I could have left Asher for a week or two.
 More of that adorable Wyatt!
 I wonder why Asher and Gavon get along so well......they treat Kyler similarly!
 Asher, Maicey & Kyndel looking at the computer.
 Good thing I didn't eat the popcorn!
We left Shawn & Sharla's home at 5am (UT time) on Tuesday and were home by noon. (yes, we still had van problems, but we made it home...the van's in the shop and should be back tomorrow)  I missed them and their family the second we left!   Hopefully we'll be able to see them this fall and hopefully Tony will be able to join us next time.  Why do vacations have to end?!?

Saturday, June 16, 2012


 Presenting Ogden's George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park!  We discovered this park in 2002....10 years ago......has it really been 10 years?!?  Back then, we took a 6 year-old Colton and a 3 year-old Asher.  They LOVED it and have talked about it for years.  This was finally the year we were going back.  This time it was with a 13 year-old Asher and an 8 year-old Kyler.  The best news.....they still LOVED it!
 Who wouldn't love this!  There are more than 100 dinosaurs to see around the park.  There's also a museum next door to explore.
 10 years ago, the boys posed with these, how could we not take new photos!
 I wish I had this cage at home! this boy is growing!
 In the last 10 years some new friends moved into the park....The Flintstone's!
 Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, they're a page right out of history!
 They even have a little playground.  Don't you love the slide!
 See Kyler in the window?
See my boys under the dino
 There are a few violent scenes at the park.....these are obviously favorites of the Stock Boys!
 They even have them in the water.  The boys decided that this one was Nessy...our underwater ally!
I highly recommend visiting the dinosaur park!  It's easy on the pocket book and lots of fun.  My kids generally love the gift shop as much as the place they're visiting.  This was no exception.  Asher stuffed as many magnetic rocks as he could in a little bag.  Kyler bought a little stuffed animal (because we have a shortage of stuffed animals?!?) a little sabertooth cat.  He LOVES it, wraps him in his special blanket and sleeps with it.  Tomorrow continues (and sadly finishes) our vacation adventure!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


 School was out on Wednesday, May 30th.  Friday, June 1st we loaded the van and headed up to Salt Lake City, UT for a much needed vacation!  We left at exactly 5am (AZ time) and pulled up to Jean-Jacques' home at 5:06pm (AZ time).  Jean-Jacques was a great host!  He took us to Sweet Tomatoes that night and the next day we all went to Temple Square.  We took our first tour of the Conference Center. (it was closed when we went 3 years ago)  I love this skylight!
 This center was MASSIVE!!!!! 
 The Conference Center is full of art!  It was so wonderful to look at the originals of so many prints I've grown up with.  They even had a hall full of Arnold Friberg originals.  I just wish Tony was wish us, he would have LOVED it!  I asked Kyler to stand in the photo so you could see how large this mural was.
 As we continued with our tour, we came to a room with a bust of all the prophets.  I loved every bit of the tour and snapped photos of all the prophets!  Here's President Monson.
 The next hall and room has a portrait of all the apostles in this dispensation.  It was cool to show the kids their great-great-great-great grandfather, Parley P. Pratt.
 The top of the Conference Center has fountains and all the different terrains of Utah.  We enjoyed every minute of this tour!
 After the tour, we went to see the temple.  Here are the boys at the East doors.
 I love this temple!
Looking out the window at the temple. 
 When Colton was 6 months, we came to Temple Square with Mita and Papa.  I sat Colton down on the grass in one of these flower beds.  He had never touched grass before and was fascinated with it.  He grabbed a hold of that grass like it was keeping him on the planet and wouldn't let go.  Where does the time go?!?  I love my boys!!!!
 Sunday we went to church and then had dinner with our cousins, Andrew & Michelle and their boys Drew and Braeden.  Drew, Asher and Kyler had a great time running around the backyard and home playing with each other.  We had such a great time they invited us back on Tuesday and Friday evenings too! (wouldn't it have been nice to actually have taken pictures with them - instead of stealing a photo from their blog?!)  We had such a great time and wish we lived closer!
  Before we knew it, we were taking Colton to EFY!  (I'll have Colton give his own update on EFY this weekend.  This is what he wrote last year.) He allowed this photo before he left the van. 
Since he wouldn't pose anymore, we took this one as we were leaving!  See you Saturday!!!!
 While Colton was busy, we decided to have some fun on our own!  We bowled a couple of games at FatCats.  The best part about that place, all attractions this summer - 99 cents!!!! 
 We went shopping...of course!  Such exciting places too.......the Dollar Tree, WalMart, Deseret Book, Distribution Center and Deseret Industries!  Our DI has a plastics aisle that is organized by color.  I love that Rainbow Tupperware aisle!  This DI had a rainbow book section.....really?  Forget knowing the author or title of a book......instead you should know what color it is?!? 
 Wednesday night we met up with some friends, Sara and her family!  We hadn't seen each other since her wedding....when Colton was 1!  We had a great dinner and then watched the kids run around for an hour.
 Stayed tuned tomorrow for Part 2.....the dinosaur park!