Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ASHER IS 12!!!

I can't believe it's been 12 years since Asher came into the world! (and 12 years since he was on the news!!! What a beautiful baby!) I tried to get him to plan his birthday.....but he's a boy and had no intention of doing that. I tried to plan a party for him and a group of friends.....no such luck. Finally, he did sit down with me and planned out a very detailed day. It started with his free Krispy Kreme. (a dozen doughnuts.....a dozen years!)
After he picked up the doughnuts with his dad, they went to pick up Simon.....the lone guest to his birthday fun. They ate and drank hot cocoa (part of the plan) and.....
(I know....big shock!)
Then it was time for the first present......
$15 to go to Sweetie's Candy Shop!
(yes....Colton does hold the dog like a baby....and our dog thinks he's a baby!)
Now.....I don't have pictures for the middle of the day, but here's the schedule: Go to Sweetie's, then off to Liberty Market (huge cheeseburger and chips) and Joe's BBQ (meat plate, mac & cheese and more chips) to get free birthday food, come home and Simon and Ash shared the burger before rushing off to.....the movies (Legend of the Guardian-the Owls of Ga'hoole to be exact), then back home to eat the meat plate and more video games, late in the afternoon the boys went to Joe's Farm Grill for more free birthday food (CHOCOLATE SHAKES!!!), back home again for.....yes, you guessed it......MORE VIDEO GAMES!!!!
Then the dinner...
Mashed potatoes
Veggies with Ranch and
Asher is a carnivore....and proud of it!!!!!!
I'm not sure how he ate all the food that he did!!!!!
I didn't have time to bake his cake and thought I'd get to it on Saturday....no such luck.
Then Sunday was VERY busy. Asher had an interview before church, then church, after church we went to the bishops office for Asher to receive the priesthood, then home for a minute to grab a snack before we went out to Queen Creek for a baptism. It was a great day....but no cake.
Monday Jacquelen came over and made awesome french bread pizzas for lunch. Tony even came home and we were all able to finally sing Happy Birthday to Asher! (get my 1 - 2 candles for 12.....lame, I know!)
His birthday wish!
I love this picture!!!!
(I think I'll have to blow it up really big
and look at it every time I'm frustrated with this pre-teen....
it just might save us both!)

Dad and I are so proud of you and we can't wait to see you pass the sacrament on Sunday!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm not talking about Kyler today.....it's my first baby! Colton up and out of the house by 9 am on a Saturday!!!! Shocking! But why? What's he doing? Where's he going?
Off to his first job!!!!!
See him there.....holding the sign!
Here's a drink break!
(Yes, I went to visit with my camera!!!!!
I was so excited to have something to scrapbook about him!!!!)

Back to work!
This shot was taken as I was in the double yellow lane waiting to merge into traffic.
The best shot of the day!
(they have free hotdogs and they have lots of other ones they sell. They are awesome! Tony and I had the 1/4 lb. hot dog.)

And here's one of the awesome hot dogs we got!
Thanks Josh for giving our boy a chance!
I hear he was a hard worker AND survived his embarrassing mom!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just as I was about to leave my friend's house, we heard a strange noise........wind, rain and then HAIL! It was so LOUD....pounding on her home and windows. I called the boys (since they're home for fall break) to see how they were doing.....they (of course) were LOVING the storm!
Before I could leave Deanna's I had to snap a photo of all the hail on the trampoline and roof.
And here's the hail from her front walkway!

And I thought I lived in the desert!