Friday, September 24, 2010


Question: Do I get mad that Kyler wrote on his door with a blue marker? OR Do I get mad that he misspelled the word "come"? I mean, really!!!!!!! Come was a spelling word LAST YEAR & he spelled it correctly?!?

Any answers?

Friday, September 17, 2010

WARNING....80's WEDDING PHOTOS!'s a few of our wedding photos. These were photos my cousin took....I don't have any of our photographers photos scanned in yet. I also don't have any of the photos scrapbooked. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!? As I completed my sister's wedding album last year I thought how pathetic that was....and then I moved on to the daily tasks in my busy life and still have yet to do anything about it! Here we are after we just came out of the temple. I loved and still love my Cinderella dress!!!! Yes, the veil is big....but not as big as I originally envisioned it. I'm an 80s girl!!!!!
Two of my bridesmaids, my cousin Jacquelen and my friend Amy.

Don't you LOVE the shiny fabric!!!!
My dad and me!
(my dad is younger in this photo than my husband is today!!!!! CRAZY!!!!)
Again...these aren't the photographers photos. Jean-Jacques is missing in this photo.
(from L to R: Jacquelen, Amy, Traci, Cheri, Me, Tony, Darren, Scott & Tim)
There's Jean-Jacques!
I thought it was funny how Tony and his groomsmen looked like a checkmark. Look at their heads and start with Tony. (why do I notice these things?!?)
Here was the second gazebo...just for the cake!
(don't get me started on the cake!!!!)
I had never seen this photo before.
That's my Mita and Papa (mom's parents). They were so happy to see me get married and then all I heard for years after from Mita was "I'd like to have a great-grandchild BEFORE I die!!!" I would tell her that if she died first...she'd get to see the child first! She DID NOT appreciate that....AT ALL!!!!!! It took nearly 7 years, but she did see that first great-grandchild......and she's still here to see all the others. Almost 40 great-grands!!!!!!
And again.....The Stock's
at the beginning!
And the Stock's in 2007!

And in May 2010!

May 23, 2010 to be exact, my brother's wedding day in the St. George Temple.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Just thought I'd share one of the poems I wrote to go with my personal pie prize in Young Women's. Enjoy.

I Propose a Pre-Party Prize
for Participating and Privately Pursueing your
Pathway to Personal Progress
Perfectly Portioned.
Pleasing to the Picky Palate.
& PHOTOGRAPHY!!! (cue snapping a Photo)
Pick a Piece or a Pair.
(of course...followed by applause.....and I bow from me)