Friday, June 19, 2015

MOPRO (East Valley Mormon Prom)

I love the movie Pretty in Pink, do you? It was a great teen movie about trying to find where you fit in and love....because what would a teen movie be without love! Andie (Molly Ringwold) visits her friend Iona (Annie Potts) and mentions she might not go to the prom. Iona tells her: 
I have this girlfriend who didn't go to hers, and every once in a while, she gets this really terrible feeling--you know, like something is missing. She checks her purse, and then she checks her keys. She counts her kids, she goes crazy, and then she realizes that nothing is missing. She decided it was side effects from skipping the prom.
As a teen, I was worried this might be true. As an adult, I can tell you it doesn't matter! Of course now that I think about that, my overexcitement (is that a word?) when my boys attend Prom (or Homecoming, Winter Formals, Morp....anything really) and the need to photograph it until my camera begs for mercy could be a side effect from not attending my own Prom.
Oh well!  On to the photos!!!
Makenna and Asher
(they met just before this photo was taken)
Another shot of the couple at the Riperian Preserve.
(photographed by Rachel Johnston)
 (photographed by Rachel Johnston)
 (photographed by Rachel Johnston)
 This was a fun group to attend the East Valley Mormon Prom with.
 I love seeing all the girls dressed up and giving their own personal flair to what they wore.
 Handsome young men!
Such a great group of kids. 

 Rachel asked them to jump over their dates. Only one did.
 And when he landed, he kicked up a tons of rocks on his date!
 Time to head off into the sunset
East Valley Mormon Prom
May 9, 2015


Nothing is so beautiful as spring
the glassy pear tree leaves and blooms, they brush
the descending blue; that blue is all in a rush
with richness; the racing lambs too have fair their fling
- Gerard Manley Hopkins

Obviously, Mr. Hopkins didn't live in the Valley of the Sun!
Spring is a small fleeting thing here.....and starts with blossoms in January. Waiting until February to snap a few photos greatly reduced the number of blossoms I could find. The green leaves were fighting with the blossoms for space. Enjoy this for a brief moment....much like our Spring.
Asparagus Quiche, so delicious!
I looked out the window...
 And what did I see?
  Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!
 December brings ripe citrus

 We plant our winter grass at the beginning of October. 
By March, it's on it's way out.
The End

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Remember being 16....and feeling like that.  Remember thinking that it was a mere formality that you still lived with your parents because, after all, you were running your own life.  Asher is in the middle of Prom Season.  Colton attended 2 proms his sophomore year.  Asher will be attending 3.  (So happy we bought him a suit!)  I certainly hope it's not a competition.....if it is, heaven help me when Kyler is a sophomore!

April 18, 2015
Held at Stephenie Meyer's Home
 Zack & Megan and Hannah & Asher
Asher & Hannah

 I took 199 photos.....199!!!!
Half of them were just trying to get these two to jump....
This is the funniest shot to me.  Asher in full Mario pose and Zack just looking on.
 Mormon Gansta
 Finally, they could escape their mothers and the camera. 
Stephenie Meyer was so kind to take a photo with everyone!
Scottsdale Mormon Prom (SCOMOPRO) does it up right!
Thank You to Stephenie Meyer for an incredible evening!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Kyler is one month away from moving up from Cubs to the Boy Scouts.  It's such a big deal...especially when it's your youngest!   I love that he has a great time at his den and pack meetings.  I appreciate all the leaders that have worked so hard to provide a nice program for Kyler and the other boys.  
 I will say that I was thrilled to be done with the Pinewood Derby!!! 
This is the 9th and final car for the House of Steve!
Kyler's Stats
2013 - 2nd Place
2014 - 1st Place
2015 - 1st Place
Congratulations, Kyler!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Life is full of adventures!  Last year, Colton was about to turn in his mission papers.  I was excited and nervous all at once.  I couldn't wait for him to get out and serve since he wanted that so badly, but I was nervous.  I didn't know where in the world he was going.  I wasn't ready to let my baby leave the house and our communication would be limited to a weekly email.  By the end of March, he had turned in his mission papers.  
(the day the mission papers were turned in)
The wait began.  It was less than three weeks and the call arrived.  So exciting!!!  Our house filled with tons of people ready to hear the news....Canada Vancouver Mission, English Speaking.  (relive it here)  Well, the next few months passed quickly.  Colton graduated, 
(Goodbye, ACP!)
was ordained an Elder, went to the Gilbert Temple to take out his endowments
(Tony, Colton, Grandpa, Uncle Jean-Jacques)
 and we shopped for mission clothes.  
(this pile doesn't include the suits and extra pants!)
(again, the suits would be picked up later.....
now how are we going to get this all in his suitcase?!?!!)
Just after his graduation, I found out about Pathway through BYU-I.  (learn about it here)  I decided to sign up and had until September before I started.  During the summer I had such strong feelings hit me that I needed to really jump into volunteering full force! Yada, yada, yada.....I now work at Asher's school.  (Find the details of that here.)   Before I knew it, I was working 16.25 hours a week. I kept telling myself that I was finding more to do to help me not miss Colton.  I worked for a few weeks before we took Colton up to the MTC.  
(driving up to the MTC) 
(Saying goodbye at the curb)
I did surprisingly well.  After dropping him off we drove straight home.  By the time we were in Southern Utah, I was calm, but so, so sad.  We stopped to fill up the car and grab something to eat.  I first went to use the restroom, the stalls were all taken.  Pretty soon a door opened and there I was......FACE TO FACE WITH A MAN!!!!  The man looked all around and realized he was in the ladies room.  That's when he looked at me and said "I'm so tired!!!" and then promptly ran out, completely mortified!  All of the emotion of my day finally came laughter!  I couldn't stop laughing.....major laughing.  It was just what I needed to cheer up again.  I know that man ran all the way to his car and back on the road, but I wish so bad I could have said Thank You to him.  The Lord knows just what we need and I consider that a tender mercy ;-)  
Thankfully, I went home and back to my job.  It's just what I needed!  It hasn't been easy to add school and work to my life that already includes a sophomore, 5th grader, husband in college and the bishopric, my young women's calling and a missionary to write. (writing the missionary is fun!)  Let's just say that the first semester didn't include much house cleaning or grocery shopping.  I'm getting into a better routine and am proud to say I am just over half-way done with my year of Pathway.  I can't wait to continue on and get my degree!  
As for's SPRING BREAK!!!  I go back to work and the kids go back to school on March 24th.  I plan on enjoying every minute of this much needed break.  (I still have my school, but it's much easier to get homework completed with more time on my hands)  I also plan on posting regularly since I love using this blog for my family history.  And who wouldn't want to share for posterity a proud parent moment from Colton's letter yesterday.  He said, "I owe everything to my parents.  They are prime gospel teachers.  THAT is called magnifying your calling.  They could have just been normal and kept me away from the stove and the highway, but instead, they invited me to come unto Christ.  Now I can help others do the same."
 Elder Stock has invited many to come unto Christ, 
but he was able to see these three choose baptism in Duncan.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 9

Week 9, our final week, is Virtue, value color Gold.  Rapunzel from Tangled is the last princess.

(Healing Song)
I will not remove
My Virtue from me
Fol-low the Savior
When He says "Learn of Me"
(holding the scriptures)
Pray and read this book
Give service daily
Our Savior invites
To all "Come Follow Me"
"Come Follow Me"

YWIE 2014 - WEEK 8

Week 8 was Integrity, value color is purple.  Mulan was the princess I chose for this value.

Who is this girl I see
Brimming with Integrity
I am standing as a witness
of the Lord
I'll keep my standards high
Show the world, won't be shy
Then my countenance will show
Who I am inside
And your countenance will show
Who you are inside