Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's that time again!  Back to School for my boys.  Well, two of my boys.  I decided to print out these cute signs just before snapping some photos.  As you can imagine, they didn't appreciate them. 
(can you tell by the look on Kyler's face?!?)
 Asher was not amused at all.  He reluctantly posed for the photo.
 Then turned for his second shot!  Love him!!!
My Sophomore and 5th grader.
 At 5 feet tall, Kyler's in the 97 percentile for height.  However, standing next to your 6'4" brother makes you feel pretty small.
 The best part of the morning, Colton wanted to take his brothers to school.  Tony and I were happy to let him!
After the boys left, I cleaned the kitchen, took my nephew out to practice driving, mailed out some packages and made it to lunch with my friends.  Just after my food arrived, I received a call from the front office at Asher's school.  They said he tried to do something he shouldn't and all I could think was WHY IS HE GETTING IN TROUBLE ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!  Then I heard her say that he cut the back of his head, she stopped the bleeding and monitored him for 30 minutes.  I had just heard she was calling from the front office, not that she was the nurse in the front office.  Thankfully, he was ok and didn't need to go to the doctor's.  It would be beneficial if he and his friends would mature a little...but I'm not holding my breath ;-) 
Days of School: 1
Days of School without injury: 0
Here's to a great school year!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014


With school starting next Monday.......NEXT MONDAY!!!!.....I thought I should finish catching up on the blog.  What did I do for my birthday this year......go camping.  woo hoo.  yipee.  I do like to be with my family and friends, but camping is not my favorite.  (unless we are staying at a fabulous cabin)  This was also my last weekend with my family before going to Alaska for nearly 3 weeks. 
 But camping does make my boys happy....and I was very interested in that.  Thanks to the Baxter's for some fun!
 And really...I might just follow Olivia anywhere.  I love this girl!!!
 Bryce was able to climb much higher than the younger boys.
 This is why Colton went camping - Time with friends!
 My grown up boy in his Camp Kaiju shirt.
 Asher's pretty good at hiding from the camera.  This was a very forced photo shoot and he DID NOT cooperate.  Finally, I was able to snap one decent photo.
It's still weird to think that Colton won't be around for these family outings.  He will be back in 2 years......for only a week and then off to BYU.  For now, we'll enjoy the next 5 weeks until we drive Colton to Utah.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


When our summer officially started, I talked with the kids about projects and goals.  Kyler was so excited and asked if we could have the kids cook again.  3 meals + 3 kids = much less cooking for me!  Colton and Asher weren't happy with Kyler's suggestion or enthusiasm.  Thankfully, Ky didn't care what they had to threaten say.  Since it was Kyler's suggestion, he started things off with breakfast the next morning. Crunch Berries and Bacon for all!
 Asher had lunch.  Mac & Cheese and Smoothies
 Thanks for bringing the boys back to the kitchen, Kyler!
 Colton should have made dinner....but he has a way of disappearing lately.  I'm thinking I may get a letter from this boy around September/October wishing he would have spent more time in the kitchen with me.
 The best part of this plan is the lack of complaining I get about food.
 Meals we've recently enjoyed:
Texas Hash
(well, Tony and I didn't enjoy it because they ate it before we could have any)
Hot Dogs
(our favorite sandwich!)
Breakfast Burritos
and lots of cereal!
(the boys favorite stand-by)
 This boy gets to enjoy free Bahama Bucks and movie theatre popcorn.  Oh, the joys of being 18 and "free"!
 Asher, there are more important things than just being really, really good-looking! (Zoolander!)
 Yesterdays breakfast
Red, White & Blue French Toast.
Red - Cranberry Bread
White - Whipped Cream
Blue - Blueberries
 So Good!
Now if we could only get them doing more dishes!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Colton is always so completely embarrassed by me taking photos.  So I decided to annoy him as well and start taking them as he and Jackson left our home to pick up their dates!
 My mom and I got to Rachel's house before they did....let the picture taking resume!
 What can make this walk to her door more nerve wracking?  A mom taking your photo!  You're welcome, Colton.
 He waited at the door a long time before anyone answered.  Finally, her dad invited him in.  When he noticed me snapping photos, he turned Colton around and posed - YES!!!!!  We love the Johnston's!
 I had no words.  She was beautiful! (well...that, and her dressed appeared white as she first walked out and it looked too much like a wedding and it kind of freaked me out for a few seconds!!!!  Her dress was a very pale pink)
 I had to include the hug from her dad and her mom putting Colton's boutineer on.
 I love getting to know all of the girls in Young Women's.
Last photo!
 I mean the last photo of them posing.  Now.....the last photo!
Get ready, Asher.  With Colton leaving next month, I'll have so much more time to photograph you and your social life!


With only 20 seniors at Colton's school, there isn't a big selection of girls to date.  Plus, take into account that the majority have been going to school together for the past 6 years.....well, they've become more like siblings.....or really close cousins :-)  As MORP was getting close, these 8 girls decided to ask out 8 guys....but as a group.  I loved it!  They gave each guy a bag of treats and this photo invitation.
 This part was customized for each boy.
What a fun and clever idea!  The night was western themed and everyone had a great time!
This year for Mormon Prom, Colton asked out Rachel. 
 He asked her on April Fool's Day, hence the jokes and gag gifts all over the poster.
 We found a "spilled tootpaste" on our bathroom counter and Tony actually fell for it!

 I'm so curious how Asher will choose to ask girls out.  Are we done with Colton's jokes and puns.....or will they live on with Asher?  Time will tell.
Rachel responded with a basket full of eggs with treats!
Prom photos to follow!


Everyone at the House of Steve was so excited to see that a new Bahama Bucks was opening next to our house!  Colton even decided to apply for a job - and he got it!!!!  I can't lie, we all LOVED his training period, he came home with lots of samples.  We all even enjoyed his mistakes! 
 Finally, the preview night was here.....on Colton's birthday.  The next night (March 18th) was the grand opening. 
 I love capturing his work experiences!
 The only downside......we go there too much!
 And really.....what's better than surprising him in the drive-thru!
You're really going to miss me on your mission ;-)