Thursday, January 20, 2011


March 18, 1996 I walked back into my own home after my short hospital stay with a new baby in my arms. Tony and my dad unloaded the car of my bags, diaper bag, all the hospital stuff, and my flowers. I was so happy to be a mom and everything seemed perfect. Then the baby woke up. Real life had begun and we were busy! I'll never forget the shock I felt when I was walking through my family room and noticed that the beautiful flowers we had brought home from the hospital were dead! Not recently dead....but DEAD they would fit into the Adamm's Family home! I wondered where the time went. Hadn't I just brought my one day old boy home?! How did they have time to die?!? It was eye opening how fast time goes by.
Well, that's how I'm feeling again. Mita's been gone for more than two weeks now. The funeral is done. The flowers have died. And life goes on. Thankfully, I'm surrounded by wonderful friends who have loved our family all along the way. Our beehives (girls 12-13 from our church) came and heart attacked our home! They left some yummy popcorn and lots of notes sharing their love for our family!
Isn't LOVE the BEST!!!!!
Here's more LOVE!
This was taken at Catherine's wedding in August 2009.
So....where are my sisters and brother now? Audra just got engaged!!!!!!! She will become Mrs. Audra Yeager in April! Austin is serving in the Roseville, CA Mission (spanish-speaking)! Catherine is expecting her first baby in just a couple of weeks!!!! I can't wait to meet my niece - Miss Jade Audra Scrimshaw!
Shortly after Jade makes her debut, Catherine will have her own lesson in how fast time flies. Her hospital flowers will die. Jade will outgrow her first onesies and Catherine will be busy! For me, time is racing by! My first baby is now in high school. He's actually spending the day at ASU on a field trip. Asher is in 6th grade and it's scary to think he'll be in Jr. High next year! Kyler is already in 1st grade and last night asked if I would leave his room so he could have some "Me Time". I think Ferris Bueller said it best: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


At 6:04 am on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 my Mita passed away. We'll celebrate her life this weekend with services and I'm sure LOTS of family time. I plan to write a tribute to her soon, but for now I'll just share photos and a little information. Je t'aime Mita!

The first photo is Mother's Day 1996. It was my first Mother's Day with my 2 month old Colton, my mom's first Mother's Day as a grandma, and Mita's first Mother's Day at a Great-Grandma (which she wanted to be BEFORE she died!) Last week my cousin Candice delivered her daughter, Skylar Reese. Skylar is Mita's 40th Great-Grandchild!!!!!!!
I'm not sure when this 4 generation picture was taken. She loves her grandchildren, but LOVE-LOVES her great-grandchildren!!!!
Here's Mita and Papa with their first two grandchildren, Jacquelen and ME! I know it can be deceiving but Jacquelen and I are NOT that close together in age! She was born in the 60's and I was born in the 70's - a full decade apart!!!!!
This is a more recent photo.....probably the last couple of years. Mita with 8 of her 17 grandchildren. Scott, Me, Jason, Kari, Becky, Emily, Jacquelen and Rachael.
Would you like to know the order of all 17 grandchildren? Here goes....I've had it memorized for years: Jacquelen, Nicole, Jason, Jean-Jacques, the rest of you and Scott. You have to be in the top 4 or the baby to be recognized in birth order! I can really name all of the cousins.....and even tell you birthdays! ("the rest of you" are Candice, Morgan, Benjamin, Matthew, Kari, Marcus, Christin, Rebecca, Emily, Andrew, Rachael, Juliet - LOVE YOU!!!!)
I love this photo of Mita....well, I love the dress! She picked it out to wear to Andrew and Michelle's wedding. It was also the first photo I ever posted on my blog. This was taken during the two years that she lived with me and my family. Oh the stories I could tell! And I will, this weekend with my cousins. I plan on crying, laughing, hugging, goofing around and eating with my cousins throughout the weekend. More stories to come!
Juliette Veronique Amelie Peney Cardon
My Mita

Sunday, January 2, 2011


(April 2010 - my men in their Matching Tie Guy's ties)
2011 is off to a great start! Tony took all the Christmas lights, tree and decorations down on January 1st. He also tidied up the garage, took a box to Bookman's and a box to Goodwill. (yes....I'm still putting nativities up....but they will be put away by tomorrow....I PROMISE!) We made hamburgers and crinkle cut fries for dinner that night. Then today we arrived 12 minutes EARLY to church! That's quite an accomplishment for 8:30am church....especially the first week. We were very worried we wouldn't make it on time with all the late nights we've had this last week, but we did it! Church went by so quick and it was amazing how quiet sacrament meeting was....I think all the kids were tired too. (I don't expect it to be that quiet again) I was even more amazed at how much time we had AFTER church! Today we had pasta with red sauce and alfredo sauce (I was anxious to try a new recipe) with french bread. I also raided my crisper drawers and made a vegetable soup. I've been making soup a lot lately. It's so yummy, inexpensive and reminds me of Mita! After lunch we even went to visit Mita with my mom. She couldn't wake up at all for us, but I'm glad we went to visit. I'm most excited to have one more day with my boys before they go back to school on Tuesday. Here's to a great 2011!!!!