Wednesday, April 24, 2013


(ready to eat on the left, ready for the oven on the right)
 Sticky Caramel Corn
Crisp and Ready to Eat!
 But not before you drizzle with Almond Bark......
why don't we have smell-o-vision?!?
It is the yummiest and most addicting treat.  (recipe here)  This batch wasn't made for a friend or church or school.  I made this JUST FOR MY FAMILY!  (apparently I've been accused of not making anything good EVER for my family)  

And now......
Asher's favorite commercial
(he's pretty good at acting it out too)
Hey, it makes him happy.

Friday, April 19, 2013


I think this is beautiful and shows how harsh we can be toward ourselves.
 This next video is sadly accurate guys view themselves.
*Disclaimer:  I do not think all women view themselves as the women in the above video, but I love the message.  I also do not think all men are like the men in the parody above, I just think it's plain funny!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Monday night and time for Kyler to cook!  His first choice was hot dogs, then he switched it up to pasta.  The final menu was Pasta & Sauce, Homemade French Bread (we're addicted to it!) and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.  Kyler wasn't happy that I made him stir the simple syrup for the lemonade.  He kept asking me for a chair because his legs were hurting....give me a break!  I love this photo - whenever Kyler concentrates his tongue comes out.  
 This bread is ready for the oven and Kyler gives it a thumbs up.
 It was a delicious dinner and Tony made shakes for dessert. Then Kyler was busy with homework.
 We finally sent him to bed and he'll finish tomorrow morning.  Thanks for all your work, Kyler!
 I really need some time with my camera.....maybe I'll take a class soon.  Until then, I'll have fun when I can. Tonight I just wanted to see how my new place mats would photograph.  I love them! 
Busy night tomorrow - Cub Scout Pack Meeting and Asher's First Track Meet.  (Asher's night to cook has been moved to Sundays since he's in track and isn't home until dinner.)

Sunday, April 14, 2013


 Teaching Colton to cook is necessary and since Thursday went so well, I thought that I would start Asher with his own night to cook as well.  
He chose Tuesdays.  Then Kyler wanted to know what night he would be cooking.....could I leave him out - NO.  

Kyler chose Mondays.  While I'm excited to work with the boys one on one, I'm a little nervous about all the extra work I've just added for me.  Thankfully, Kyler chose hot dogs for Monday.  Asher picked STEAK....then I told him that he would work within our budget.  His new choice -  Homemade Take-Out Noodles & Teriyaki Chicken for Tuesday.  Finally, Colton picked Texas Hash for Thursday.  I'm excited to help the boys be successful!  (hope it doesn't end up causing me too much stress)  Here's to a successful week!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Thursday at the House of Steve will henceforth be called COLTON COOKS!  
In a mere fourteen months, this boy will be leaving home and he needs to be prepared.  Cooking is only something that he's occasionally helped with and it's time to get serious.  I asked him last night which day of the week he would like to cook dinner.  Thursday was his quick reply and here we are.  Fortunately for him, the menu was already planned and the meat was thawed.  I present Colton's first meal -
Spaghetti Bake, Homemade French Bread and Carrot Sticks.
(I ended up helping out tonight, but in the future I will only advise from the sidelines.)
He learned to use the vegetable peeler....didn't know he lacked this skill.
 Browning the sausage.
 The drama of spreading the sauce
 What a goof!
 Looking good
 French Bread......our first time making this.
 Cheesy goodness
 SO GOOD!!!!!
The meal was really good and I'm excited for Colton to learn some new skills.
Before dinner, I was feeling a need to use my camera and Kyler was my (not-so-willing) model.  He came out of the house with Roscoe - Roscoe was even less willing to model for me!
 Every dog needs a boy!
 You never know what you'll get with this boy.
 Time for the Steele Girls!  Reagan calling someone on my phone.
 They come over for their daily lollypop.
 Reagan loves her "pop-pop"
 After dinner, Colton and I ran an errand and came home to the bat signal on the garage door.  It was his answer to Mormon Prom and got two thumbs up from everyone in the family.
 (The bat signal on Colton's wall)
Finally, is anyone else counting down to summer......47 days!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Conference weekend was a success!  I enjoyed all the sessions, we had yummy food and the boys had an opportunity to serve.  Saturday Morning: biscuits & gravy!  This is a favorite of Tony and the boys.  My good friend, Sharla taught me how to make this years ago.  I remember being so excited to make it for my grandpa and my papa.  They both loved it!  Grandpa even said that he hadn't had biscuits & gravy like that since his mother made it for him.  Sweet memories.
 So delicious!
 I made so much gravy that the boys had leftovers twice!
 Saturday Lunch: Lemony Pasta with Chicken & Asparagus.  I've made the pasta before, but this time we were out of our regular pasta so we used this whole wheat pasta.  It was good, but really changed the taste of the dish.  The asparagus is my favorite!  I cut it into thirds, blanch the stems for 2 min., then add the tips for 2 min.  Drain them and toss with a little olive oil, lemon zest, parmesan cheese and salt & pepper.   
 (yes, I'm loving my new camera!)
 After the Saturday sessions, Colton needed to finish a homework assignment.  Lining up an older photo and taking a photo of it in the same location.  Since Colton wanted to use my new camera, I went with him.  We found a photo of Colton, Michael & Asher working in Papa's backyard.  Michael & Asher are even wearing Papa hat's.  Colton lined it up and this is what he got.....
 ...I love it!
With his homework assignment completed, he was able to get ready for the Priesthood session.  After Tony, Colton and Asher left, Kyler and I planned out our night.  First stop, the park to play and visit with friends.  Then Kyler and I went to see Escape from Planet Earth.  It was so much fun to just have Kyler with me.  I said we were on a date, but that was too disgusting for him to hear.  He was even spoiled with popcorn and soda.  I'm so used to having teenagers that I forgot what it was like to take an 8 year old to the bathroom in the middle of the movie!  Oh well, we had such a fun night together.
Sunday we were back to conference and yummy food.  Sunday Morning: Belgian Waffles & Eggs.  Tony made breakfast and I didn't snap one photo!  Sunday Lunch:  Hamburgers on Onion Buns with Tomatoes & Avocados, Baked Beans, Chips and IBC Rootbeer.  Again, no photos.......for the rest of the day.  Tony and I were busy getting ready for the family to come at 4pm.  Tony made a double batch of Mita's donut recipe and I made one batch of the Baked Maple Bars and Broccoli Salad.  The maple bars turned out so good!!!!!  I can't wait to make them again.  As for the Mita Donuts - DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't know if we gave them more time for rising or what but they were so good.  The family showed up with yummy salads and great conversation.  I love chatting with cousins as we all work together to make the donuts.  The best part......we get to do this again in 6 months!

Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm so excited for this weekend, it's General Conference!  You can watch any session from 1971 to 2013 here.   This gives you a little information about who watches around the world and what is taught.  
Past conference weekends.....General Conference is held the first weekend in April and October.  Every October we use this weekend to overseed our lawn.  Silly brothers seeding the lawn!
 Yummy food and snacks are a conference staple.  
 We miss Mita.  This was her conference watching mode.
 Why did he have to grow up?!?  So cute, coloring the ties of the general authorities.
 Taking notes....or drawing - at least they're quiet.
Mita, Kyler, Jacquelen & Jean-Jacques
Mita snoozing, Kyler & Jacquelen
Tony taking Colton to attend the Priesthood session for the first time.
 Yummy, spiced pear bread!
 Austin visits from UT and attends Asher's first priesthood session!
 Last conference - October 2012.  
We brought back the donuts!!!!!  
And everyone loved them!
 So good!
 I plan on enjoying every session this weekend.  After the Sunday afternoon session, we'll host our family for salads & donuts.  So excited!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


My first burlap banner
 My first time making collard greens.  Tony loved them so much he had seconds and packed the rest for his lunch.  That's pretty impressive for my anti-veggie man! (Recipe found here - I forgot the butter, don't tell Paula Deen!)

 Tony's first painting!  He did this when he was 18 and gave the painting to his grandma.  She recently passed away and wanted him to have it.  We just need to paint the frame and it will be hung in our home.
And finally, thanks to our Young Men's leaders (specifically Josh Steele), Asher welded for the first time ever.  We're proud of you, Ash!