Sunday, June 26, 2011


Colton's back from EFY (Especially For Youth - a conference for 14-18 years old in our church. He attended the conference in Provo, UT (at BYU) and we're so happy to have him home! He and Asher will be leaving around 1am tomorrow to drive to Havasupai for a three day adventure. I thought it would be a treat to hear from Colton himself about his EFY experience. Take it away, Colton!
Well, here I go! EFY (Especially For Youth in acronym form) was the best week of my summer so far. With a $500 (really $450, but close enough, Colton) entry fee, I was really speculating whether or not this would be an intelligent way for my parents and I to spend our hard-earned money. I'm happy to say that it wasn't just a good way to spend $500, but the BEST way to spend it that I've experienced thus far. If any of you are even thinking about going to EFY, DO IT!!!!!! This place has the three G's: Girls, the Gospel, and Great food. It's just pure epicness, and they make church related stuff actually fun. I can't really do justice to how awesome this camp was. My testimony grew literally from an acorn to an oak tree, and I knew that what we were doing was the right thing through confirmation from the Spirit. Oh man, EFY was great. So yeah...just send your kids as long as they're fourteen or up, because I guarantee you that it is the best thing to do over summer break. Oh, and Lagoon Amusement Park was sweet as well...just sayin'.
Well, there you have it - Colton's endorsement of EFY. We were not paid for our endorsement....although...that's a great idea!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was so bummed last year! I didn't get Colton pre-registered for EFY and he wasn't able to get in the session with his friend. We didn't end up sending him at all. This year I planned, I was prepared! He was pre-registered. He and his friend are roommates. I was relieved and excited for him.....until last night. As happy as I was and as grown up as he is.....I DIDN'T WANT MY BABY TO LEAVE!!!!! Especially since he's flying up there. And I can't drop him off Monday in person. And I won't be able to pick him up Saturday morning. And I won't have an entire car ride to and from Utah to talk to him and just see him and hear all about it! The truth is - I'll miss him. The truth is - I don't like my kids and I to be too far apart. My dad said "Wait until he leaves for his mission." I think I CAN wait! The only consolation is that when Colton leaves to serve his mission....Tony will be crying harder than me!
So Colton, be safe.
Have fun.
(And get home soon so you can tell me all about it!)