Saturday, August 31, 2013


Little boys never grow up.  He's James Bond in this photo......isn't it an uncanny resemblance?!?
This is the only activity that I completely disagree with.  I can only imagine my ancestors, who actually walked to Zion with a handcart, looking down on this and saying, "REALLY?!?  That was our trial.  Could you please teach these kids how to navigate through THEIR trials!"  I even told my children that they didn't have to go on trek.  Only one stipulation: you have to stick together.  They could both go on trek or they could both stay home.  Sorry, Asher....Colton chose to go.  Once they chose to go, I supported them.  Tony took them shopping to gather all their supplies and the day came to send them on their way.
 Somewhere on the Trek.
Back Home.....finally!
(yes.....they didn't change their clothes at all!)
 The boys were asked to write letters to their parents one night.  Asher wrote a very short note that included, "...I like the back-breaking work." (can you detect the sarcasm)
 Colton had much to say in his letter.  I will spare you its entirety, but leave you with his summation: "I still am convinced on my many negative theories of trek, that it was the enaction of the graveyard of bad church activity ideas, the return of slavery to America, but this time with young Mormon children, and a way for members to get rid of their food storage by feeding us their rations along the trail."
Colton has informed me that when he's an adult and leader in the church, this will be the first thing to go!  I support him 100%!!!!! 
(So, do you think in 8 years that a 17 year-old Kyler will choose to go on trek?  Time will tell.)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Well, 8th Grade Graduation and School Awards Ceremony.  All the school awards were at the beginning and it ended with the 8th Grade Promotion. Sadly, it was also a night to say goodbye to some of the teachers that wouldn't be returning next year.  Dr. Parry was one of the boys favorite teachers and will be sorely missed.  We wish her well in her new job and are happy that she'll have more time for her family.
 Colton received awards for the clubs he was in and his grades.  He even earned a gold bar pin for his school letter.
There was lots of waiting during the two hour ceremony.
It's a good thing Asher's so tall and easy to find in a crowd.

Like here.
 There's my baby!
 Finally, his name was called.
 He picked up his certificate.
 And then celebrated his victory!
We so proud of you and can't believe you are going to be in High School!
Love you!


I love how Kyler takes charge in planning his birthday parties.  He decides the day, theme and activities and all I am required to do is keep up with his plans.  This year he chose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  (I think everyone of my boys has had this birthday party!)  We made turtle shells and eye masks (that just turned into headbands) for the kids.
Their best ninja poses!
 Don't you love their shells?!?
I do!
(they are disposable roasting pans from the dollar store.  I spray painted them the darker green and hand painted the sections with the brighter green)
Here's a detail to show what awesome and prepared parents we are.....I again, didn't make the cupcakes for the party.  Tony picked up some cupcakes and I found a candle from his 3rd birthday.  Yeah....I told you we were pretty awesome.
 No worries....he still made a wish and blew out the candle.
 Actually, the cupcakes and candle ended up working together....Tony picked up Graduation cupcakes....and Kyler was going to "graduate" from 3rd it too much of a stretch?!?  That's how we do things at the House of Steve!
Then it was present time, TMNT toys, gift cards and $$$. 
Man, I love this boy!
Everyone had a great time and Kyler such felt special.  I was so proud for reigning in the "gift bags".  I chose green cups and filled them with a little candy and TMNT swim goggles.


Monday, August 26, 2013


This was Asher's second year participating in shot put and discus.  He was even chosen to help represent his school at the East Valley Conference. (why do we live in the's so hot!!!!!)We were so proud of Asher and my mom and I went to cheer him on. 
 Getting ready to throw the shot put.
 I loved having my new camera.  I put it sports mode and have lots of great shots.
 Asher, we're proud of you!!!
This picture doesn't allow you to fully appreciate how tall this kid is......
 this one does....
 and this one.....
 and this one.
This is what 6' 2 1/2" looks like in 8th grade.
Now, if I can remember to buy a big umbrella before we start up with soccer in a couple of weeks.  I will need one throughout the whole year....

 and it would be nice to stop mooching off other peoples shade ;-)
 Currently, Colton and Asher are practicing soccer and their games should start soon.  Can't wait to cheer them both on!!!!  Since they don't have football at their school, their homecoming game is a soccer game.  Mita and Papa would have loved that!  Good Luck, Knights!!!!!


Last year I was serving as a nursery leader at church.  I really loved being with all my little friends, but 1 year is my limit.  After 16 months, I was released at the end of December 2012.  I was ready for the new year and excited for a new calling.  My guess would have been cub scouts since Kyler was in there and I was right!  I was put in as a den leader with Deanna.  I knew she would be moving and leaving our group in May and I figured I was in for the long haul.  Imagine my surprise when I was released in Mid-May to serve in Young Women's!!!  This was the last day of scouts for us.
 Love my boy!
He was so thrilled when he heard my new calling over the pulpit.  He quickly asked me if that meant I wouldn't be at scouts with him.  After I answered yes, he raised his hands in the air, silently rejoicing and his good fortune.  Isn't it wonderful that we sit in the 2nd row and EVERYONE could see his display?!?
 Some of the standard craziness that occurs at scouts.
 The big shocker......the huge hug this boy gave me after learning I wouldn't be his scout leader anymore!  So Sweet!
I'm happy I was able to be in scouts, especially to serve with my friend, Deanna!  Now it's time to move on to Young Women's.  Oh how I missed my girls!!!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


We're almost done with the 5th week of school and I haven't even blogged about our summer!  Too much to catch up on, so today I'm getting back in the groove of things with our anniversary post. 
 That doesn't even seem real.  I mean, next year is our know, THE SILVER ANNIVERSARY!!!  (Old people have silver anniversaries.  People with grandchildren have silver anniversaries.  How can we be this close to our silver anniversary?!?)
   Actually, after freaking out a bit, it's pretty awesome!  (and I think we should have a huge party next year....right?)  So.....what can I say about 24 years, my marriage, our life......that's a tough one.
  This is what I've said with past anniversaries:

So what more could be said?  I'm thankful.  I'm thankful I met Tony March 4th, 1989.  I'm thankful we were engaged and chose to be married in the temple.  I'm thankful that we were married in the Mesa AZ Temple for time and all eternity.  I'm thankful we have eternity to keep working on our marriage.  I'm thankful we still laugh together.  I'm thankful we love spending time with one another. 
I'm thankful we had a Colton.
 I'm thankful we had an Asher.
I'm thankful we had a Kyler.
 I'm thankful they have each other.
 I'm thankful that we are a forever family.  I'm thankful that Tony honors his priesthood.  I'm thankful that Colton and Asher follow in their father's footsteps and are worthy priesthood holders too.  I'm thankful for family vacations.
 Even though we face a huge challenge next year......COLTON LEAVING OUR HOME.....I'm thankful we have this year together.  I'm thankful that we all lean on each other.  I'm thankful that at the center of this family is our marriage.
Thank you, Tony!
(now starting saving your $$$$, next year's going to be BIG!)