Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ok, I think this is the longest I've gone without posting! Too many things have happened and I'm just going to throw out what I can goes:

I don't know if this would be different with a daughter, but I really don't care what outfit Kyler puts together in the morning. He can wear pretty much anything he wants and I'm fine. Like yesterdays ensemble: Royal blue Lego Star Wars T-shirt, Navy shorts with a red and tan line down the side, bright red soccer socks (that ended up looking like tights since they came up under his shorts!) and blue, orange and silver shoes! Mom's embarrassment: NONE! He dressed himself and picked out the clothes - I call this SELF-RELIANCE! (his wife won't, but I'm hoping he'll get better at this before too long, besides, he will be in a school uniform this July!)

INSTRUCTOR CJ LEAVES! Nobody was happy with this change at the Tae Kwon Do studio. He left a couple of weeks ago and all the students are still trying to adjust. It didn't help matters that the Grand Master left the key to the front door at home yesterday - everyone had to walk to the back of the building to go through the studio's backdoor! (I'm going to rethink class next week if I have to scale the wall and repel through the ceiling tiles to enter the studio!) After we got in, Asher didn't really have his heart into the class. I hope that they can get another instructor with as much energy for these kids that CJ had. This picture was taken on CJ's last day. We miss you and wish you well Instructor CJ!

Got tagged by the the gr8 Andrew and Michelle....

8 TV Shows We Love To Watch
30 Rock
The Office
Pushing Daisies
Two and a Half Men
My Name is Earl
My Own Worst Enemy
ANY Law & Order

8 Favorite Restaurants
Pei Wei
Texas Road House
Wildflower Bread Co.
Fat Burger (love to hear Kyler say "baby fat!")
Blue Adobe Grille
Panda Express

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
(or in the past week/memory isn't good!)
Built a shed with Tony
Cleaned the Garage and added new shelving
Celebrated 19 years, 3 months of marriage
Saw Colton's violin in pieces/took it to a Luthier to fix it
Got the Christmas decorations out
Watched TV
Listened to Christmas Music
Celebrated 4 years since Kyler was sealed to us

8 Things We're Looking Forward To
4 days with kids and no homework to help them with
Thanksgiving dinner with family
December - Tony has lots of time off
Sleep (one day)
Children/husband that pick up after themselves (one day)
Christmas decorations up/boxes in garage/just sit back and enjoy the season
Christmas Eve
Tony's 42nd birthday

8 Things On My Wish List
Vacation with the whole family
Vacation with just Tony
Vacation with just ME
Backyard redesign
My Scrap room to magically get cleaned
To USE my Scrap room
Having a girlfriends weekend somewhere (come on ladies, let's plan something!)
Have Christmas shopping done! (normally I'm done in August!)

8 People To Tag
Alison and Ben
Juliet and Jeff
Becca and Matt
Jen and Jason
Thanks Andrew and Michelle!!!

Halloween is so different now! I no longer have a say with the boys costumes...there is no theme anymore....and now, Colton and Asher don't want to Trick or Treat with a parent! They went out with their friends and that left little ol' Kyler and Tony alone - until Jean-Jacques said he would be taking his kids out....Yea! Cousins!!! Tony and Jean-Jacques took seven kids out on their adventure. I think the best part was their matching treat bags....they all used Chipotle bags! (yes, tony and I are addicted) Mita and I stayed home, ate candy and looked at everyone's blogs! No pictures, but it was a great night! Colton was a demon boy scout, Asher was a cowboy werewolf and Kyler was the Red Power Ranger Jungle Fury. (Ok, I had to have a photo, so I stole this photo from my cousins blog - isn't her baby adorable - even though he resembles his dad in this photo!)

Kyler was so happy to have the Red Power Ranger Jungle Fury costume (with muscles) that he wore it ALL the time! He especially wanted to go to Tae Kwon Do with it on and scare the instructor. He did and Instructor CJ played along great! Then class started and Kyler was he fell asleep under the chairs. Thank goodness for a camera phone to capture the moment. (thanks CJ)

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