Friday, April 3, 2009


This is what we woke up to on St. Patrick's Day.  A group of young women came to wish Colton a Happy Birthday by toilet papering our home.  All I can say is BRAVO!!!  They left a HAPPY BIRTHDAY poster (that they all signed) and a six-pack of Dr. Pepper (his favorite) at the front door.  I think it was a great start to his 13th birthday.  Of course, Colton gave us BIRTHDAY LIST 2009 to help with the shopping process.  He listed the three things he wanted - 1. The Flip Video Ultra in Black and an underwater case - 2. Fablehaven Package (he made this up: reserve the new Fablehaven book and take him to Brandon Mull's book signing the next week) - 3. Gift Cards (he was so kind as to let us know what stores he would want these gift cards from).  The best part of the BIRTHDAY LIST 2009 was the comment at the bottom of the page.  I quote: "Thanks, guys.  I'm really counting on you to make this the best possible birthday ever!"
Well, HE'S SPOILED!!! (I know, no newsflash here)  He didn't get everything, but he did get the Black Flip Video Ultra and his Fablehaven Package from us.  Kyler got him the movie Rocketman (you must own this if you have's worth it to hear them laugh!) and Asher gave him a Chuck Norris poster filled with Chuck Norris facts. EXAMPLE:  Chuck Norris only skydived once because the world only needs one Grand Canyon.  (yes, all my boys are obessed with Chuck Norris at the moment)


jachakes said...

Does this drudge up some memories Nicole? Want to go Tee Pee?

Nicole said...

So bad it hurts!

La Famille B said...

Teenagers! Here it comes!