Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is a sight I haven't seen for years....Asher playing with his friends in the sand! We were invited by his friend Simon to their ward park day (the day before going back to school). We had a great time and loved our wonderful weather. After the park we went to Olive Garden for lunch....YUM-O! Next was our annual flu shot (not the H1N1 shot, just seasonal flu) - Kyler screamed and screamed and screamed. He said things like "don't let them do this" - "save me!"...and apparently the scene was talked about throughout the day at Tony's cubicle! (flu shots were given at his work) To try and smooth things out we went for dessert.....See's Candies! The boys picked their own and we left with a pound of delicious chocolate. The night was topped off with football practice, Tae Kwon do and I had a baby shower to attend.
Kyler loved the sand too!

Colton (our resident teenager) didn't want to pose for a I got these two lovely shots!

This is what happened for most of fall break.....VIDEO GAMES!

We did make it to Polar Ice one day to go ice skating. Kyler didn't do so well.....he decided (after 2 min. on the ice) that he was done and wanted to go. I kept making him go out there though. He was rewarded with some cookies for his effort. When all was said and done with the skating and his skate were off & shoes back on, he suddenly disappeared. I started frantically looking for my boy when I saw him back on the ice....IN HIS TENNIS SHOES!!!!!!! He would run in one direction and then slide on his feet and then turn around and do it the other way. He was breaking one of the major rules there, but was finally having the best time on the ice! I quickly summoned his brothers to get him off the ice and walk NO WHERE NEAR ME - you know, just in case someone thought he was with me!

This is what you get when you ask three boys to pose for a photo! I'm soooooooo glad I took lots of photos of them when they were younger!!! This was the BEST photo of the three of them. (yes, this is pathetic.....but so real!)
Did I mention how happy I am that they're back in school?!

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