Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm playing catch up with EVERYTHING right now. Cleaning my home, doing the laundry, visiting with friends, doing my church calling, and writing on my blog! First, there was spring break. We were very busy during the first week and then I had horrible back pain.....
that got worse.....
and worse.........
and worse!!!!!
I've been out of it while I waited and waited and waited for things to get better. Finally I turned a corner and have been getting so much better. Last Friday I started physical therapy. I felt so good afterwards....and then it hit me. I was so worn out! Crazy!!!
So, this morning I posted 4 new items. Make sure you read all of them so you can see a really embarrassing photo at the end. Before my back pain, we picked out matching ties from The Matching Tie Guy ( The ties come in every size - newborn to adult! There are even some ties that have matching hair ties for girls - way cute! Here's the boys springtime tie. Kyler picked one out for the'll have to wait a couple of months before we debut them. What a good looking bunch! (yes, I'm fully aware of the haircuts that they're in need of)
The boys....just being themselves!

The last item has no hard visual proof.....but it happened! It took nearly 40 years and an ambulance ride to the ER for it to happen, but








(maybe my canopy bed is next.....I just hope it's not on the 40 year plan too!)


Emily Ferrell said...

I am soooo happy for you! I hope the Rice Krispy treats tasted good. I am glad you are feeling a little better and I hope you continue to feel better every day. Love the ties.

jachakes said...

The end is nigh!

La Famille B said...

I am glad she used real butter too! Love the men in their ties. they look so handsome!

0s0-Pa said...

Great family photo - love all of the matching ties! Will make for a photo to add to their scrapbooks :)