Thursday, June 10, 2010


May was a busy month over here! Not only did I turn 40...Kyler turned 6 and both my baby and first born graduated! Well, Kyler "graduated" from Kindergarten. I can't believe how much he's learned this year. He started the year knowing the alphabet, but not perfect letter recognition. He ends the year with lots of 100% spelling tests and reading like a pro! I love this picture!
Way to be noticed Kyler!!!
Here's what his certificate said about him. I think this is the nicest way to describe Kyler.
Kyler enjoys participation in conversation and discussion.
He brings great ideas in to the class and always has a unique outlook on things.
(He's unique all right!!!)
Kyler with Ms. Jones.
Ms. Jones, thank you for everything you've done!
Now the REAL graduation!
Colton graduated from 8th grade!!!
Can you believe he's a high school freshman now?
I CAN'T!!!!!!
(Colton and Mr. Bickes)

Here he is with his diploma and a little treat bag from the school (caramel kisses...YUM!)
We were done with the 8th grade promotion by 11:00am. Perfect timing for lunch at Olive Garden, Colton's favorite! (or as he calls it - Garden of the Olives! Can you tell he's learning a foreign language.) We didn't realize until we walked through the doors that he was dressed EXACTLY like the servers at the restaurant!!! Our server, Donny was fantastic and was ready to put Colton to work! He even presented Colton with an Olive Garden nametag (look on his shirt!)
(Colton's favorite: Black Tie Mousse Cake!!!)



Emily Ferrell said...

Now you are really old since you have a child in high school! Congratulations Colton. I can't wait to see how high school goes for you. Great job on finishing up Kindergarten Kyler. I can't wait to hear all of your funny stories about 1st grade.

Jen said...

Oh my word. That is my favorite cake in the world! I almost bought it (a whole one) for my last birthday. At the last minute I decided not to fork out the fourty bucks but it is so worth it! You have good taste Colton!

jachakes said...

Congrats! Kyler and Colton are a Movin' on up!