Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm not talking about Kyler's my first baby! Colton up and out of the house by 9 am on a Saturday!!!! Shocking! But why? What's he doing? Where's he going?
Off to his first job!!!!!
See him there.....holding the sign!
Here's a drink break!
(Yes, I went to visit with my camera!!!!!
I was so excited to have something to scrapbook about him!!!!)

Back to work!
This shot was taken as I was in the double yellow lane waiting to merge into traffic.
The best shot of the day!
(they have free hotdogs and they have lots of other ones they sell. They are awesome! Tony and I had the 1/4 lb. hot dog.)

And here's one of the awesome hot dogs we got!
Thanks Josh for giving our boy a chance!
I hear he was a hard worker AND survived his embarrassing mom!


Jen said...

Is he really that old? Wow. Where is her working anyway? You and your camera remind me of myself. The need for documentation!

Emily Ferrell said...

Way to get him working early. Where is this hot dog place?

The Gurneys said...

ROFL! I love how you kept cruising by taking pictures of the poor kid. That's awesome. Reminds of something they would have done in a John Cusack movie from back in the day. Classic! ;)

jachakes said...

When did Colton grow up! What is saving his money for? I-pad? Cell phone? Dates? Heeeee!