Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was so bummed last year! I didn't get Colton pre-registered for EFY and he wasn't able to get in the session with his friend. We didn't end up sending him at all. This year I planned, I was prepared! He was pre-registered. He and his friend are roommates. I was relieved and excited for him.....until last night. As happy as I was and as grown up as he is.....I DIDN'T WANT MY BABY TO LEAVE!!!!! Especially since he's flying up there. And I can't drop him off Monday in person. And I won't be able to pick him up Saturday morning. And I won't have an entire car ride to and from Utah to talk to him and just see him and hear all about it! The truth is - I'll miss him. The truth is - I don't like my kids and I to be too far apart. My dad said "Wait until he leaves for his mission." I think I CAN wait! The only consolation is that when Colton leaves to serve his mission....Tony will be crying harder than me!
So Colton, be safe.
Have fun.
(And get home soon so you can tell me all about it!)


Emily Ferrell said...

Wow, I can't believe he is old enough to go. It seems like just yesterday I was at EFY. I hope he has a great time and makes great memories. I hope you survive the week without him.

Jen Hakes said...

What a great experience he'll have. Magical even. I currently can't wait for Savannah to be old enought to go but I'm certain that when the time actually comes, I'll want to sneak into the suitcase and be a secret spy :)

michelle rasor said...

Rian went... it was fun driving her, but she flew back. It was easier for her than I thought, and it was easier for me, too... I thought I'd be so worried, but I think I was too jealous! I wanted to stay and hear all the classes and firesides!! :)