Thursday, October 13, 2011


The following are little bits of randomness.....that just happened to occur during fall break.   First, lunch at El Rico's Dos!!!!  I've been haven't been. (It's a good thing they don't read this!)  It's so delicious!!!!!  Their chips and salsa are amazing.  Do you see that normal sized burrito on the left?  Then look at that monstrosity to the right of it!  It's more than twice as big = the El Gordo Burrito!  Look over their me - everything's great. 
Second, mammogram time!  Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month they gave me a pink carnation and they had a bowl of chocolate to enjoy next to this note.  Sadly, it's been awhile since anyone's given me chocolates and a flower! 
 Third, Costco lunch!  The boys love this.  We were also doing a little bit of shopping (and enjoying the taster samples) when we came across Kyler's favorite cereal.  All he wanted was for me to buy a box...or 4....or 28...something like that.
 Unfortunately, we left without a box.  But he did hug them before he left.  I think Santa may have to take note here.  Last Christmas Santa brought him multiple boxes of mac 'n cheese....and he hugged those too.
 Fourth, Bazzill Paper Warehouse Sale!!!!!  This happens once a year.  Every year I get up early and go wait in line with tons of other women just as excited to shop.  I left with a box of paper, 17 spools of ribbon, cute dress forms just waiting to be decorated, a stamp, an idea book, 3 templates (2 alphabets, 1 set of designs), and some pewter looking tags.  Happiness!
Loving all the Fall Break Randomness!

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La Famille B said...

love love love your ribbon bag! can't wait to come and paw thru it. that is a great pic. those burritos look delish. we will have to go! miss you tons wondertwin!