Monday, May 6, 2013


Life if a whirlwind from mid-April through May, tons of studying & tests at school, wrapping up club events, seminary, PROM season, etc., etc., etc.  It officially hit our home a couple of  weeks ago.  Colton is studying extra hard for finals and AP exams.  Asher is busy finishing the end of track season.  Kyler shocked us all and finished his reading requirements weeks ahead of time! (he's using the extra time and lack of stress to talk WAY TOO MUCH in school......the teacher sent an email!)  Another big event was the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony a week ago Thursday.  Colton was so handsome in his black pants, purple shirt and black tie (I think he needs a silver one and he'll be even more decked out in school colors!)  WAY TO GO, COLTON, we're so proud of you!
I love this photo with Asher in the background.  He was at track and made it in time for cake!  After the ceremony and cake, Colton and Asher took off to Mesa Community College to cheer on the Special Olympics with our ward.  Tony and I, having only one child to feed, let Kyler choose what he wanted - FAT BURGER!  
Spoiled boy!  He was so happy to have us to himself........and to have a delicious shake.  One thing this boy knows - how to get spoiled!  The next week I needed to go to Target and took him after school.  Going to any store is torture to this boy.  After shopping, I treated him to some snacks at the snack bar.  He directed me in the photos he needed.  Love that boy!

Then he looked at me and said,
"Mom, when you took me to the store I thought you crushed my soul, but now you brighten it up in a way."
Classic Kyler!


La Famille B said...

hooray for colton! love that asher made it for cake - he has priorities. love kyler and shopping.

Jen Hakes said...

Good job Colton! Kyler is so funny! Love how much kids entertain us and make us laugh.