Thursday, June 6, 2013


well.....more like 43!
The best part of this birthday.....the ability to stretch the celebration throughout the entire month.  I spent my actual birthday by myself and enjoyed shopping and getting freebies.  Getting a late start out of the house, I went to lunch at Liberty Market.  I enjoyed the picnic sandwich and roasted sweet potato salad.  Next up was my FAVORITE FREEBIE - a car wash from Genie Car Wash.  This was seriously the best gift ever!!!!  Already thinking about it for next year!  It was not close by, but just a couple of miles from Scrapbooks Etc. my next stop.  After some shopping, I went to buy myself some new garments (yes....I'm getting that old that I would do this on my birthday) and finally to Bahama Buck's for a shaved ice.
 The next day I went shopping with my mom.  I was able to buy lots of clothes, a necklace, fabric to make napkins with and new shoes!  OK....I wasn't looking for pink and silver shoes, but it was better than the alternative.
 This was the other color scheme.  I makes me think of the Circus Circus Hotel in Vegas!
 My new necklace from Charming Charlies.  I liked it in the store, but I like it more everytime I wear it!  My birthday celebration kept going throughout the month with a variety of lunch dates with friends and ending with dinner at The Keg on Memorial Day.  I loved every minute of the extended celebration.
 In between all the birthday celebrations was Mother's Day.  I loved that I not only had a photo with my boys, but 3 willing boys!  I love them all so much and can't imagine life without them.
 They boys even took a photo of us.
 Asher!  He had to really duck down to be this short!
 My birthday necklace and a Mother's Day corsage (that I requested over and over......and they listened!)
This last month made me realize how much I love to be spoiled! (Tony, did you and the boys hear that?!?)

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La Famille B said...

i love that you had a birthday month! That necklace is wonderful and I would have gone with the circus circus shoes!