Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Can you believe how much this boy has grown! Remember, giant baby did not start out that way. He was only 8lb 7oz at birth. It took him over a month to gain his giant baby status! Now he's 4 (but looks like he's in first grade) and goes to school everyday, is VERY SKILLED in video games, avoids working at all costs, and would prefer to spend his time with friends than his mom! He's JUST LIKE HIS BROTHERS. I'm glad that Kyler is growing and developing wonderfully, but the fact that I will never be called "mommy" again is hard to take. Kyler stopped calling me that the second he realized his brothers only said "mom". True, this is not new to me, but the hope that he would want to say mommy instead of mom was stronger at age 3. Now he's four....help me Kyler, you're my only hope!


La Familie B said...

happy birthday giant!

becca said...

Nicole, like a true mother of boys, you ended your post with a Star Wars allusion -- "You're my only hope."
Having boys myself, I caught right on. :)
Happy Birthday, Kyler! It's 4 going on 9, right?