Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Things have been pretty hectic since I got home - UNPACKING, getting back into our routines, Dr. appointments, allergy shots, back to school shopping, new YW calling. I haven't even been able to finish blogging about our trip! But tonight, as I'm still working on a Girls Camp DVD for our Camp Reunion tomorrow, I can't think of anything else except missing my Colton! He was supposed to go to California on July 16 for one week. Instead, he left July 6th and won't be back until the 22nd. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for him to have this time with his best friend David. I think it's exciting for him to have his own vacation and experience new things...Universal Studios, 1st time to the temple for baptisms for the dead and next week - his first flight by himself. It's been nice to talk with him on the phone and hear about what he's doing - but July 22nd can't come soon enough! Love you Colton.

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Jen said...

Great Mom + great kid = great relationship!