Monday, October 6, 2008


I had a crazy idea this weekend.....I decided that all of my children could be present (in the family room) during ALL four sessions of conference. I had my conference packets printed out for everyone (Colton was offended) and they could be on the carpet or at the table. I wasn't forcing them to watch, just be in the same room with me as I watched. Can we all guess what happened?!? I got about as much out of Conference as I do in Sacrament Meeting! I couldn't tell you ANY detail with either Sunday session. Just trying to keep them quiet took all of my energy! (Notice I included the picture of Colton and Asher "watching" conference....Colton's even taking notes......this was a fleeting moment Kyler did enjoy coloring the ties of the general authorities. Well, Mita did what she does best....SLEPT ON THE COUCH!) The priesthood session was the best.....Colton and Tony were gone and I took Asher and Kyler and a couple of friends to meet more friends at the park. No complaints!!! The weekend wasn't a total bust though....we had yummy food the whole weekend - including the muddy buddies that Colton helped make - and Asher, Kyler and Tony got the winter lawn in between Saturday sessions! I can't wait to see that beautiful green carpet in the front and back yards soon. Sunday evening we visited with lots of family at Uncle Chris' and then a fried turkey dinner with friends. Now, back to the drawing to keep three kids quiet and get the most out of conference in April......IDEAS?????


La Familie B said...

I am glad you are in my boat. For the previous conferences, we made the kids stay in our room (with toys and such) while we watched (or just listened before video streaming) to conference. I never heard a word. This year I was bad and put on Finding Nemo in the living room. This was the most conference I have heard in 4 1/2 years!!! I loved every minute of it and actually got lots of inspiration and answers to prayers. Now, if only I could sneak a the little dvd player to church and they could watch finding nemo, I would love church a whole lot more!

Jen said...

Once we got the Bingo cards going, and a "church" dvd playing for Cannon, it was great. One problem, something about the male voice sometimes makes me too relaxed and I too wanted to doze off occasionally. That's the one problem with watching it in your bed!