Sunday, September 28, 2008


I wouldn't say we have cool weather yet, but I'm started to deal with the mornings better. So the first 2 1/2 hrs of Saturday was spent at our neighborhood park with the cousins. I was smart and brought my camera. Here's my family and Jean-Jacques' in order - Colton (with the preteen angst look), Asher and Kyler, then Michael, Sofia, Sariah, Jean-Jacques, Ruslan and Joseph. They had fun playing and then building in the sand. They even got to see many dogs and pet a few of them. Thanks to our cousins for starting our "park season" off on the right foot. (Sorry Jean-Jacques - no pun intended!)


La Familie B said...

What a great Saturday! Jeff and Nick went to the zoo while the girls stayed home sick. COME TO WASHINGTON!

Becky and Brian said...

What a fun day you had! I am looking forward for the days to get cooler. I have started taking Dean on walks at night. It is sad when we think it is cooling down when it is only 95 at night!