Friday, August 21, 2009


These two brothers are loving being at the same school together! Kyler was so excited to start Kindergarten at Asher's school and I knew that Asher would be so happy to have his little brother around. This summer they would talk about Kindergarten Buddies - the 5th grade classes are assigned a Kindergarten class and they pair kids up to be buddies. Asher was really hoping that he would get Kyler's class. Wouldn't you know it?! He did! They weren't paired up together, but Kyler gets to see his big brother on buddy days. Oh.........and if you were wondering about Kyler and his sticks........he hasn't (I repeat....HAS NOT) lost a stick in two weeks!!!!! He was even given 5 Liberty Bucks last Friday for making good choices, not losing any sticks, and doing his personal best all week! He was even able to participate in Friday Fun for the first time! (sure, it was the THIRD Friday Fun for the class, but Kyler's first time!) He is really starting to like school, JUST NOT THE RULES! He hates, no....loathes the rules. He said, "If they didn't have any rules, then I wouldn't get in trouble!" Can you argue with that logic?!? Thankfully, it's Friday - no homework, a weekend with no driving to two schools, and some freedom. Especially for Ash & Ky!


La Famille B said...

That is so awesome that they want to be together. Congrats to Kyler for following the rules. Have a great weekend. Oh, last thurs I went to see Julie and Julia also! It was like we almost went together. The best part of the movie:the fiesta ware!

Jen said...

I am thrilled to see that Kyler is enjoying school. The early years set the tone for rest of their educ career.

Karen said...

Yea for Kyler. I hope he likes Friday Fun.