Saturday, August 1, 2009


If you've known Kyler over the last two years, you've seen at least one pair of these. And if you've seen these, you know he's not a fan of CLOTHES! The first thing to happen when he gets home is to take off his pants or shorts and run around in his underwear. Everytime I tell him to get some pants on he gets a different pair from his drawer. Then after a visit to the bathroom, there he is again with his cartooned bummy. He can go through 5 pairs of shorts in a day! (and you'll find every pair on the floor next to the toilet!) Lately we've noticed it's been a tight squeeze for our 55 lb, 3ft 11in "baby" to get in these undies. Underwear was put on the back to school list and off to Target we went. When I found the next size for him, we discovered that it pushed us out of "cartoon alley" and into the really big kids aisle. Well, as annoying as it's been to see these bouncing around my house all day - it's time to say goodbye to his signature style! He protested briefly (no pun intended), but saw it was no use. He selected some very nice looking camo boxer briefs and he was fine. I thought I was fine until I found myself photographing a pile of underwear - that before this moment I tried to avoid touching! (thankfully I only photographed the pile and didn't preserve any in his baby box) It makes me sad to think it's really the end of little, little children in our home. It was sad when we moved on from the bottles, the crib, diapers, and pacifiers.......................................ok, pity party's over! Now I'm off to go on a date with my husband. We don't have to pick up a babysitter, the boys are old enough now!


Jen said...

Oh Nicole, life is so bitter-sweet! Pros and cons all the way. I love the undies photo! Briefly... perfect!

La Famille B said...

I love the photo, too. Nick is growing out of his fun undies and both of us are sad about it.

Ginger said...

Nicole, that is hilarious! I sure hope Carson outgrows Thomas the tank engine before Thomas outgrows him! I think it's time for me to buy him the next size up in shirts.