Monday, December 28, 2009


I just thought Roscoe would be a cute start to this very large post. Isn't he adorable.....well, that is when he's NOT peeing on your bed on Christmas Eve!!! Apparently in the hustle and bustle of the night's events, Roscoe didn't get outside as often as he needed to. He jumped up on our bed that night (nothing out of the ordinary) then started digging to China (he's done this on a few occasions WITHOUT peeing) then assumed the position. That's when I started yelling "He's peeing on the bed!" Tony freaked out (especially since he was sleeping) and jumped up, grabbing the dog in one hand and the comforter in the other. (thankfully we had a $9 comforter on top of our quilt and was able to throw it in the wash quickly) As Tony and Roscoe were leaving the room, Tony shrieks "He's still peeing!!!!!!!" (I have to admit.....that part was HILARIOUS!) Well, let's go back to the beginning of December. It was the first Saturday and Colton's orthodontist was throwing his annual Snow Party (he also has an annual Swim Party in the summer) We had invited the cousins, but they were busy helping Mamita move into her shoebox.....oops, her condo. So this year it was just our three boys. Asher was the only one to happily pose for me, so he gets two photos!
Kyler wasn't posing.....he was trying to throw a snowball at me!
(it was one of many)
Asher getting ready to battle.

Colton in action.

The snow was fun, but Kyler was in Heaven in the Game Truck! He could have cared less about the food, snow, his brothers, the huge blow up slide, the bouncy house or the face painting clown (ok, to be honest, he would have NEVER cared about the clown) He only explored other attractions when we forced him to stay out of the game truck!

On the last day of school, Asher and Kyler had parties. Normally their school only allows the party the last hour of the day. This year, they had the Kindergarten party at 12:30 and the 5th grade one at 1:30. I was soooooooo happy to be able to attend both. So, off to Kindergarten. First, they made gingerbread houses.

Next, Kyler made an ornament out of his handprint.

He ended up with a trip to the treats table. After getting his Capri Sun, cookies and cupcake, he sat down to enjoy the feast. Apparently a feast would not be complete to Kyler without a massage.....yes, MASSAGE! He asked, I complied, then took a photo. Oh, to be the baby of the family!
Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful evening (I'll get the photos and then post about that later) with all the extended family. After they left, the boys were able to open one gift: their pajamas. Don't you like our festive skull and crossbones?!? They did! Here's our annual pj picture by the tree. Complete with Roscoe - you know it was his first Christmas (a fact the boys pointed out to me several times) Can you believe how tall Colton is.......he's taller than me now!
Christmas morning the boys came out to a roaring fire with the stockings hung with care. (translation: We played a fireplace dvd complete with fire noises and Christmas music. I didn't put up their stockings and we didn't want to search for them, so we just used Chipotle bags - they were also used on Halloween for trick-or-treating.) Pathetic or genius.......hmmmmm.

The boys even "warmed-up" to the fire!

There aren't photos of Kyler opening gifts.....he mainly complained about them. It wasn't the action figure he wanted, that wasn't the right color, he wanted the video game for the Xbox360, not the Wii. He'd open a gift, complain, be called over to me, get a little lecture about being gracious, followed by an apology from him, then back to his gifts to start the cycle again! I kept telling myself, he's 5.........he'll learn........right?!? Colton and Asher have already been educated in this area and they loved what they got! Here's Asher with his big gift....his new bike!
Colton only wanted one thing for Christmas - Call of Duty, Modern Warfare II for the Xbox 360. Now, remember that he's a teenager.......he has a lot of teenage attitude. So I decided to have a little fun with him. I didn't get him the game.....don't be sad though, my mom bought it. My plan was to give him his other Christmas gifts ($$cold hard cash being his biggest one$$) and then be done. Wait for a little bit so he could sweat it out, then give him Mamita's gift. Colton was really confused about not getting his one wish, but he was gracious!!! (hope renewed for Kyler one day) He was sooooooo good about it! My mom was not happy with me and in tears because Colton didn't get the game yet. Finally we gave him Mamita's gift and you can see by the reaction.....delayed gratification was worth it!!!
And once this gift was opened....
this was all we saw of the boys!!!!!

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