Tuesday, January 5, 2010


January 5, 2010. 7:51 am - Asher and Kyler are dropped off at their elementary school, the first day back from winter break. Big sigh of relief from mom. I then pick up Colton from home and we drove to Robison Orthodontics for our 8:30 am appointment. After some x-rays Colton is sitting comfortable with a frozen drink in hand. (yes, this is an orthodontist office!) I, on the other hand, am not sitting comfortably - I'm writing a check...a VERY LARGE CHECK! Once the paperwork is handled, the Dr. has seen Colton, we are now very close to actual braces!
Here they are! That's a lot of $$$ for little bits of metal!

The point of no return. Colton's ready (or not) for it all to begin.

The first of only two bands is put on a back molar.

One last look at that metal-free (pain-free) mouth!

Now the first bracket is placed. This really brings back memories for me -
not good ones, but memories nevertheless!

This part seemed to fly by! More than halfway done with brackets already!!!

This does not look pleasant! I had to include it though.
Colton said it was as comfortable as it looks!

Colton's first look at his braces.
Robison Orthodontics is on facebook now. They asked Colton if he would like to make a little video for their page. I thought it was a great way to finish off the day. (Isn't the office so cool?! We love it!!!)
Once we were done here, we went to Colton's dentist to schedule a tooth extraction - YIKES! He still has one baby tooth and it needs to get out! By the time that was done, it was lunch! So much for getting Colton back to school. We grabbed In-n-Out (Colton's choice of course) and as he was eating, he popped a bracket off!!! We called the office and were sent down there to have it repaired. So here's Colton in the chair for the second time today!!!

We really do like Dr. Robison, but I hope we don't see him until March!!!
Here's Colton's new smile!
It may not feel like it to Colton, but 18 mo. will fly by!
(I promise, Colton)

Kyler (in true baby-of-the-family fashion) could not be upstaged by Colton's braces. Here he is with his new haircut all spiked up! He asked for it, he got it! Pictures are great, but I should be recording this kid! He had both of the hairstylists there cracking up at everything he said or did.


Emily said...

I pray that Colton does NOT go through the same thing as you did. Good luck with the braces. I know your teeth will look great once they are finished. I love Kyler's haircut.

La Famille B said...

Good luck Colton. I hope you have them off by the time you get married. Kyler, great hair cut.

Jen said...

Welcome to the club Colton! Make your Mom buy you a waterpick from Costco. It's a must have! At least it's only 18 months. You wait until my age and it's about double.

Ginger said...

18 months is all? Marc has had his on for 3 years now! It will probably be time for the kids to start by the time he gets his off.