Monday, May 31, 2010


Yes, you read correctly.....Mother's Day Tea......5TH GRADE!
I did appreciate the work that the teacher and students put into this. We played a game (think Newlywed Game for Mothers/Child) and Asher and I earn ONE point out of TEN!!! But we were loud and proud about it (OK, maybe that was only me) much to Ash's embarrassment! He knew my favorite animal......gorilla. Maybe Asher and I need to spend some time talking and getting to know each other better over the summer.
At the end of our time, each of the kids brought their mom to the front of the room and read the letter they had for them. One of Asher's friends didn't have a mom there and I went up to the front to first be Joe's surrogate mom. He read his letter to me except for the last line. He prefaced letting everyone know the last sentence was only for his mom NOT for me. As he was finishing his letter he faced the audience and said that he loved his mom even though she abandoned him at the Mother's Day Tea! After the laughter, another mom explained why she wasn't there and how badly she wanted to be. Joe always makes things interesting! Next Asher read his letter to me. I'm so glad we were laughing over Joe's because I forget how emotional I get with things like this until it's too late!!!!! Asher, thank you for your letter and the wonderful afternoon!!!! As Asher gave me my flower, I grabbed him and kissed his cheek! I know, I'm the MOST EMBARRASSING MOM EVER!!!!!

Just before leaving, Mrs. Caskey asked us to tell a quick little story about our child. Again, to stop from crying I told this story:

When Asher was 4 he had to kiss a girl. When I asked him "WHY?" he replied, "I had to mom, it was the FIRES OF LOVE!"

Have you ever heard a class of 5th graders roar in laughter? I have! Not to mention how hard the mom's were laughing!!! Thankfully, I do know my son well enough to know that he could take it! (side note: the next day as I picked him up from school he told me all he heard that day was "FIRES OF LOVE!" and more laughter! You're welcome, Ash)


Jen said...

Jason and I were both busting up at the story you told to his class. Love it!

La Famille B said...

I just love that boy! What a great afternoon!