Monday, May 10, 2010


My last Kindergarten Tea. Kyler came out to the hall to crown me and bring me to my seat.
He made the crown himself. Queen "Neekol" he wrote.
He's so proud of this plant! He wanted to take it home and grow it. He said "If it grows bigger than the earth, then I won't grow it again" Somehow that reminds me of Papa.
Now to the folder. Kyler took out the papers and one by one read them to me. Here's some of the highlights: a coupon that says he won't fight, a butterfly pop-up card, he thinks my favorite food is milk and cereal (it's HIS favorite food), he thinks my favorite thing to do with him is....sleep, he said for fun I........sleep, and the one thing I say to him most often.............GO TO SLEEP! Really?!? I don't get where all the sleep comments came from. Was I tired the night before he wrote this?!? Then Kyler made a wish train for me. First wish he has for me......"I hope you don't bother me" Nice boy, huh. Just when I didn't think I could take any more, uh, compliments - our table was up next for food.
Kyler was a pro at the food table. He told me how many of each item we were allowed to get.
He served me my drink. It was so gentleman-ly (is that a word) of him. I chose water, he had fruit punch - two glasses (with a red mustache to prove it!)
Then it was time for him and his friends to take as many pictures as they could before their mom's were frustrated and asked for the camera back. This is one of the nicer shots.
Our Kindergarten Tea ended with a few songs from the kids. It was really cute! See my boy in the back corner. Thank you to Ms. Jones and the whole Kindergarten class for a great afternoon! And thank you Kyler, for being my baby!


jachakes said...

Ahh, Kyler! So much fun and what memories!

Jen said...

You just never know what they are going to say. That's what makes them so fun to be around. Happy Mother's Day Neekol!

La Famille B said...

I love it! How fun. He did a wonderful job with your crown.