Wednesday, January 5, 2011


At 6:04 am on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 my Mita passed away. We'll celebrate her life this weekend with services and I'm sure LOTS of family time. I plan to write a tribute to her soon, but for now I'll just share photos and a little information. Je t'aime Mita!

The first photo is Mother's Day 1996. It was my first Mother's Day with my 2 month old Colton, my mom's first Mother's Day as a grandma, and Mita's first Mother's Day at a Great-Grandma (which she wanted to be BEFORE she died!) Last week my cousin Candice delivered her daughter, Skylar Reese. Skylar is Mita's 40th Great-Grandchild!!!!!!!
I'm not sure when this 4 generation picture was taken. She loves her grandchildren, but LOVE-LOVES her great-grandchildren!!!!
Here's Mita and Papa with their first two grandchildren, Jacquelen and ME! I know it can be deceiving but Jacquelen and I are NOT that close together in age! She was born in the 60's and I was born in the 70's - a full decade apart!!!!!
This is a more recent photo.....probably the last couple of years. Mita with 8 of her 17 grandchildren. Scott, Me, Jason, Kari, Becky, Emily, Jacquelen and Rachael.
Would you like to know the order of all 17 grandchildren? Here goes....I've had it memorized for years: Jacquelen, Nicole, Jason, Jean-Jacques, the rest of you and Scott. You have to be in the top 4 or the baby to be recognized in birth order! I can really name all of the cousins.....and even tell you birthdays! ("the rest of you" are Candice, Morgan, Benjamin, Matthew, Kari, Marcus, Christin, Rebecca, Emily, Andrew, Rachael, Juliet - LOVE YOU!!!!)
I love this photo of Mita....well, I love the dress! She picked it out to wear to Andrew and Michelle's wedding. It was also the first photo I ever posted on my blog. This was taken during the two years that she lived with me and my family. Oh the stories I could tell! And I will, this weekend with my cousins. I plan on crying, laughing, hugging, goofing around and eating with my cousins throughout the weekend. More stories to come!
Juliette Veronique Amelie Peney Cardon
My Mita


jachakes said...

She's My Mita, but you all can share her!

Becky and Brian said...

love your post! can't wait to see you this weekend!

Emily Ferrell said...

Your post is way better than mine (I even stole the last picture from your blog!) You took such great care of Mita and we are all so grateful that you gave 2 years of your life to care for her. You are the best and so is Mita.

La Famille B said...

You made me cry. I can't wait to see you all on friday. that was wonderful post.

K. Castaldi said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Nicole. I didn't know her very well but from the little bit I do know, she was one fantastic lady and I loved her! Have a wonderful weekend with your cousins! *hugs*

Jen Hakes said...

I am so sad to miss out on all the celebrating. You will all have a wonderful time remembering her.

The Gurneys said...

That was beautiful, thank you for sharing such wonderful memories. My heart is with you as you attend the funeral today. -H