Sunday, January 2, 2011


(April 2010 - my men in their Matching Tie Guy's ties)
2011 is off to a great start! Tony took all the Christmas lights, tree and decorations down on January 1st. He also tidied up the garage, took a box to Bookman's and a box to Goodwill. (yes....I'm still putting nativities up....but they will be put away by tomorrow....I PROMISE!) We made hamburgers and crinkle cut fries for dinner that night. Then today we arrived 12 minutes EARLY to church! That's quite an accomplishment for 8:30am church....especially the first week. We were very worried we wouldn't make it on time with all the late nights we've had this last week, but we did it! Church went by so quick and it was amazing how quiet sacrament meeting was....I think all the kids were tired too. (I don't expect it to be that quiet again) I was even more amazed at how much time we had AFTER church! Today we had pasta with red sauce and alfredo sauce (I was anxious to try a new recipe) with french bread. I also raided my crisper drawers and made a vegetable soup. I've been making soup a lot lately. It's so yummy, inexpensive and reminds me of Mita! After lunch we even went to visit Mita with my mom. She couldn't wake up at all for us, but I'm glad we went to visit. I'm most excited to have one more day with my boys before they go back to school on Tuesday. Here's to a great 2011!!!!


Jen Hakes said...

Awesome job arriving to church so early. I was quite proud that we made it a whopping 5 minutes early to 11:00 am church. Wanna trade favorite soup recipes?

La Famille B said...

What a great picture. Your soup sounds wonderful. I am amazed and jealous that your Christmas stuff is down. I am in the process. Hope the rest of the first week of 2011 is just as good!