Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The only thing brighter than Mita's yellow couch was the sunshine yellow shag carpet that it used to sit on! The couch has faded over the years, but it's as iconic as Mita's Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The only thing missing in the following photos are the cool watermelon lipstick kisses on the kids cheeks!
(impromptu photo shoot before school)
Colton's favorite teenage hobby.....sleeping.
The hat was Papa's....we think from the 50s.
Kyler's pose
Asher meditating
My three monkeys...
See no evil
Hear no evil
Speak no evil
(yes, kyler is sucking his thumb for the photo)
((no, he doesn't do this in real life))
The couch is on my front lawn and ready for photo ops....when are you coming over?


La Famille B said...

I can't believe you had time to post these pics already. they are priceless. love the tea party - thanks a million. So glad to have a fond farewell photo shoot with the yellow couch!

jachakes said...

love the pix! Wonderful idea! Thanks for the Tea Party! Colton needs the yellow couch to make his teenager room complete! Hee! hee!

Jen Hakes said...

Awesome! Looks like that couch that everyone was going to fight over one day has seen better days. Love the photo shoot!