Monday, April 4, 2011


Why is there NEVER a shortage of messes?!? Normally the dog food is pretty tidy, but occasionally we have a mess. I asked Kyler to clean up the dog food. By Kyler's reaction you would have thought I asked him to lick it up with his tongue! He finally came over to clean it up, but not before he had dressed for the job.
Latex Gloves!
Really?! To pick up dog food.
This was the first time he's used the gloves, but it certainly won't be the last time. He's already snagged another pair to deal with another clean up job he had....not that they were necessary.
Speaking of messes......Mita's home is finally getting cleared out. This is a VERY tidy picture of some (I repeat SOME) of Mita's things. Many of the items in this picture are already distributed among her children. Now it's time to clean up everything that's left. This weekend we cleaned out the bedroom closets, the linen closet, her sewing desk and packed up one bookshelf of books. My lungs are seriously still recovering from all the dust!
Everyone that comes to the house to help has commented that they want to go back to their homes and clean out all the junk they have. The reality is: you're so exhausted after working in the home that you won't have the energy to clean out your home. By the time you would be ready to deal with your own messes, you're generally fine with the way things are again! And so the cycle continues......ahhhhhhh, MESSES!

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