Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I was fortunate to spend a week in Minnesota (thanks Tony for watching the kids and Candy for picking up boys!) celebrating my sister's wedding, visiting relatives and holding my little niece! First, I have to say what a relaxing week it was. I didn't make dinner once, went to sleep when I wanted, woke up when I wanted, enjoyed a lot of quiet (even with a baby in the house) and spent lots of time talking with adults.....a DREAM VACATION! I flew in on a Tuesday afternoon and we had enough time to drive home, pick up dinner and rush to eat before
Audra all decked out in her purple. She did choose purple peacock as her theme!
The food was so delicious and I loved how they decorated with black and white photos of the happy couple. They served a hot corn dip with tortilla chips, hummus with pita chips, sliced apples with toffee dip, baked cinnamon sugar tortilla strips with pumpkin dip, a veggie tray, grapes, strawberries........
cupcakes and brownie bites!!!
After visiting with her guests, Audra told us how she met Steve and how they fell in love. Next up were the gifts! Here's the only gift I can show you. (feel free to visit Victoria's Secret website if you want to see her other gifts) Her grandma gave her this cute sign for her new apartment.
Even with all the hustle and bustle of the wedding week there was still plenty of time to love this baby!
Such a cutie!
Miss Jade getting ready for her bath. Love that Buddha Belly!
Seriously, I can't get enough of this girl!
Thursday we all traveled to St. Paul for Audra and Steve to go through the temple before the wedding the next day. It was still quite cold and they didn't have flowers on the grounds of the temple yet. They have two planters on either side of the doors and they always have flowers in them. Here was one of the planters full of spring flowers. Apparently it made a nice home for a little bird.
The wedding and reception were beautiful!!!! (pictures to come later) Little Miss Jade was tired before the party even got started! Here she is chillin' with Grandma.
Ready to doze off.
Little Miss Jade (and her parents) will be in Minnesota until her daddy starts his training in GA. After training, their family is moving to......ALASKA!!!!!
Bundle up, Jade!
When it was time to go back to reality, Dad drove me up to the cities. On our way, we stopped to get some beef jerky for the boys. We saw this pig's ear and Dad sent one with me for Roscoe. (the second Kyler saw it he asked if he could eat it! Fortunately, he didn't....but the kids did put it up to their own ear......results: they looked like YODA!)
Roscoe was hesitant at first. (ok....he was scared....he's scared of EVERYTHING!) Then he found a little bravery and tried it out.
Thanks to Dad and Connie for putting up with me for a week!
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Yeager!!!
And to Catherine and Sean......You get the CUTEST BABY award!!!!!


jachakes said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time! I'm glad you got to go!

La Famille B said...

What a great time. That baby is adorable!