Sunday, May 22, 2011

KYLER'S 7!!!

Can you believe it?!? I can't! He was so excited for his birthday this year. He planned his own party, demanding that it would be from 4-6pm on his birthday last Thursday. I didn't think much of the timing until it was too late. Asher had a dress rehearsal for a play that afternoon and we had a dinner for a cousin's wedding. The only thing that it really affected was picking up his free food. (and YES, getting all that free food IS that important!!!!) Solution: take Kyler out of school in the middle of the day to pick it all up. I picked him up around 10:30 and we were able to get in and out of Joe's Farm Grill, Joe's BBQ and Liberty Market in less than an hour! He was also able to eat lunch - from Joe's Farm Grill - under the water tower in Gilbert. (He LOVES the water tower!) After lunch I dropped him back at school and put the rest of his food in the fridge to feed the boys dinner while Tony and I were out. Here's my only photo at Liberty Market - my camera batteries died after that.
Even though Kyler picked a Pokemon party, he picked a baseball cake to go with it!
He also picked out a vanilla cake, in case someone was allergic to chocolate. He's getting thoughtful in his older age.
I wonder what he wished for?!?
Kyler was SO HAPPY for the big box of 42 fruit rolls!!!
(it's too bad it didn't outlast the weekend!)
Pokemon figure!
Here's the crew (including Colton and Mitch - thank you for doing the pinata with the boys) front row: Drew, Teegan, Andrew, Kyler, Greer, Eric, Trevor, Back row: Colton, Kevin, Bryce and Mitch.
Before I knew it the party was over! Thanks to Kyler's friends and brothers for making the day so special for him! Next year....BAPTISM! Go, Kyler!!!


Heather said...

Yay! Happy birthday Kyler, looks like you had a fantastic day. :)

CBaxter said...

Happy Birthday Kyler! I don't see any Pokemon cookies, I hope the baseball cake was sufficient this year. :)

Jen Hakes said...

Happy Birthday to you Kyler! Glad it was a great one! Lucky number 7!

jachakes said...

Happy 7th Birthday Kyler!

La Famille B said...

What a great birthday. But really, who is allergic to chocolate?! Love it. Can you believe only one more year until his baptism? Crazy! Glad you took him out of school for the food - I wish places up here did that!